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Custom Made Jewellery to Suit your Taste and Style

Ringleaders specialises in custom 100% Australian Made Jewellery, so whether your taste is modern, classical or avant-garde, coloured gemstones or diamonds, our sales staff and on-site jewellers are able to offer advice and assistance to help you design your own ring. You can discuss all the elements important to you; things like overall design, design nuances, types and sizes of gems, and any other considerations needed to create your bespoke jewellery.

Over 1500 different rings

Often it can be helpful to picture you own ideas when you see jewellery that has elements similar to or the same as those you adore. With over 1,500 different designs to try on, Ringleaders jewellery collection offers a unique opportunity to see many different exclusive styles, design elements, and manufacturing techniques available.

Crafting the highest quality custom made jewellery on site

Ringleaders’ on-site jewellers are highly skilled in the traditional handmade method of crafting jewellery, as well as the latest computer assisted methods of producing high quality jewellery. Ringleaders most advanced and fully equipped workshop includes the latest equipment and techniques, although some techniques are quicker and helpful, some have serious limitations that affect the strength and final finish of jewellery. Therefore their place in our workshop is limited to the real advantage they bring.

Our experienced sales staff, gemmologists, gem cutters and highly skilled on-site jewellers can assist you in deciding which method is best to incorporate strength and durability, essential for your design.

Once all the details have been finalised, Ringleaders jewellers will use the finest materials to fashion your design into a complete, unique work of art. All handmade jewellery is done in our Brisbane jewellery workshop at our onsite workshop (not sent overseas), Ringleaders jewellers have over 30 years’ experience each with unique handmade jewellery!

Ringleaders specialise in white diamonds D, E, F, G and H colour grades, and clarity grades VS and SI. If you are looking for something more personalised, at Ringleaders, you can see and select your diamonds and gemstones before you buy. Our jewellers and sales staff have extensive knowledge about diamonds, and are happy to spend time with you explaining the real 4Cs, its pitfalls/loopholes and more importantly beyond.

Ringleaders does not sell conflict Diamonds.

Contact us today to enquire about our custom made jewellery service: 3229 8066

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