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Welcome to Ringleaders, the real specialist Australian made custom-made jewellery for women and men. Real jewellers are very rare today, well over 95% of workshops have closed in western countries and still declining. China and India produce the majority of jewellers stock, and the advent of Computer aided Design allows factories and fake jewellers to take over the custom made jewellery industry, click here for details.

100% Australian made in our Brisbane CBD workshop by our highly skilled and experience craftsmen (Yes, we can prove it, ask a fake jeweller, they are armed with lots of plausible excuses). Our knowledgeable advisors can assist you for both bespoke jewellery for men, as well as bespoke jewellery for women, to help you design the ring of your dreams.

If you have an idea or looking of ideas (we have a huge range of designs you can try on) work with our staff and real jewellers. Receive real advice of how the right dimensions of finger size, rings height and width, Diamonds or Gems proportions work to achieve your perfect design, and you will see what makes us one of the most popular bespoke jewellers in Brisbane.

We offer bespoke jewellery in Brisbane, as well as throughout Australia, and if you have any questions at all about our services, use our online contact form by clicking here.

What To Look For In Handmade Jewellery In Brisbane

When you are looking to commission custom designed jewellery in Brisbane, or anywhere else in Australia, certain aspect are a must. A real jeweller (many are sales people faking it), a real understand of Diamonds (diamond grading is a 3 day course) and gems (jewellers only receive 5 days training in gems), and the natural and manmade problems. Ringleaders is the only jeweller with qualified jewellers, gemmologist and lapidarist actually working in store.

Whether you are looking for custom made engagement rings, bespoke wedding or eternity rings, or any other type of jewellery, make sure you choose a qualified and reputable company to create your bespoke rings or other Bespoke jewellery. Understanding design and a client’s individual style only comes with many years (or decades for some of us), actively working to learn and understand, especially within Jewellery’s own special limitations.

When looking for custom jewellery in Brisbane, you should ask the potential jewellers about their qualifications as well as their experience. What grades of gemstones, and materials they recommend for your requirements for your bespoke jewellery. You can also check out our Buyer Beware page of our website which will give you a lot of relevant information on how some jewellers may try to rip you off.

A Wide Selection Of Bespoke Ring Designs

At Ringleaders, we have over 1500 ring designs for you to try on, such a variety of styles they are the best tool to help you find and choose the different aspects that you like. Combine our ideas, add your own to create your perfect personalised bespoke jewellery. Whether you are looking for unique wedding rings for women or men, precious gemstone rings, an eternity ring, or other types of rings, you can rest assured that Ringleaders will be able to craft you something custom made that is both beautiful and of the highest quality to last. It is often a lot easier to decide what aspects you like when designing bespoke wedding rings when you have a design that you can feel and touch in your hands. Whatever kind of bespoke jewellery you want, Ringleaders has the knowledge and experience to create custom jewellery that you will fall in love with and never want to take off.

Crafting The Highest Quality Custom-Made Jewellery in Brisbane

Ringleaders make the highest quality custom jewellery in Brisbane in our fully equipped workshop using the latest technology and techniques, but only if they are better than traditional. Our in-house qualified lapidarist, gemmologist and jewellers have the expertise after 11 years of training, to create superb handmade jewellery in Brisbane, with clients across the country and the world. Our jewellers have over 33 years’ experience each, in custom ring settings design and have 10 of thousands of very happy customers over the years, as you can see on our testimonials page. If you are looking for custom jewellers in Brisbane, look no further than Ringleaders, the real experts and industry leaders.

Get In Contact With Ringleaders Today

Ringleaders do not only provide the highest quality custom-made jewellery, but also give each client the highest level of service possible, which is how we have built our reputation for being one of the best bespoke jewellers in Brisbane. You can come and visit our showroom which is located above Hungry Jacks on the 2nd FL, at the Corner of Queen St Mall & Albert St, Brisbane 4000 and speak to us in person. Alternatively, you can also fill out our online contact form by clicking here, send us an email to ask@ringleaders.com.au, or call us on Tel: 07 3229 8066. Contact us today and let us show you how real artisans operate and let us design your jewellery which we know you are going to love.

7.77ct Garnet & Diamond Halo ring. Copyright

One of our handcrafted jewellery creations

7.77ct Natural untreated Garnet Asscher cut with claw set Diamond set halo cocktail ring, with double bearings, (very geometric in keeping with the gorgeous cutting or the Asscher cut Garnet), and nicely dress up the whole setting while accommodating the depth required for a perfect cut Garnet. Also with a wide under rail bearing (hidden inside the setting), a strong tapered band with weighted back and comfort fit , all of which makes for a very comfortable easy wearing ring and also prevents spinning on the finger. Our lovely client I believe had waited a long time for her very special ring and absolutely loved her ring. It took a few weeks to find a perfectly clean, exceptionally cut garnet with the perfect red, but it was well worth it (I know, as she loved it the moment they met), and even though it took a few weeks to make the perfect home for her precious, and though I know she was excited, it was also worth the wait as this amazing ring far exceeded all her expectations! Always special when you see a client’s reaction to a perfectly designed, proportioned and made ring, I suppose there is very little real quality around these days for people to see, they are a bit overwhelmed when they see their new ring in all its glory! Such a special piece!

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