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Custom Tanzanite Engagement Rings & Tanzanite Jewellery for Sale Brisbane

For the woman who wants a piece as unique as her personality, Ringleaders offers a fantastic selection of custom tanzanite rings. Found only in Tanzania, the striking blue-violet gemstone on our tanzanite ring is a truly unique choice. When it comes to tanzanite jewellery, Brisbane is home to a flourishing industry where Ringleaders is the top tanzanite rings destination. Come to Ringleaders, where elegance rules supreme if you desire something crafted just for you.

Exceptional Tanzanite Rings for Sale & Captivating Handcrafted Custom Tanzanite Jewellery

You can find a variety of tanzanite jewellery for sale at Ringleaders. From dramatic vintage-inspired to understated modern ones, our beautiful, luxurious designs are sure to delight from dramatic vintage-inspired to understated modern ones. For those who desire natural tanzanite jewellery, our designer tanzanite rings Brisbane service is the perfect way for you to create your own personalised piece. Every design is crafted with only the finest materials, from captivating handcrafted engagement rings to specially designed tanzanite wedding ring sets. Our tanzanite rings are handcrafted with attention to detail and can capture the style you’re after. If you want custom tanzanite rings, there’s no better place to go to than Ringleaders. With our exceptional range of tanzanite jewellery designs, there is always something that will suit every taste.

Award-Winning Unique Tanzanite Engagement Rings Designed By Warren Gillick in Ringleaders Brisbane Studio

Sought after, by couples worldwide, the award-winning tanzanite rings Brisbane jeweller Warren Gillick crafts feature the beautiful gemstone in various unusual and eye-catching designs on top of stunning precious metal bands. Gillick’s unusual tanzanite rings are carefully crafted by hand from scratch based on clients’ input alone. His attention to detail is evident in all the tanzanite rings he completes, from the setting to the stone itself. His unique tanzanite engagement rings are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Gillick created tanzanite rings that are sure to make a statement.

Astonishing Tanzanite Ring Designs You Won't Find Anywhere Else in Brisbane.

The most distinctive designer tanzanite rings Brisbane can offer are here at Ringleaders. We have an extensive range of styles for tanzanite rings to choose from. We stock a classic solitaire design best suited for a natural tanzanite ring that focuses on the stone’s incredible hue and sparkle. We also craft a more elaborate style for a tanzanite diamond ring that will make any outfit pop! We only use natural, ethically-sourced stones, and we source our tanzanite directly from the mines. Each stone is cut and polished by hand and is propped on the metal ring based on clients’ specifications, resulting in genuinely unique tanzanite rings. Whether you are looking for a ring to propose or a tanzanite wedding ring to celebrate your union with your beloved, you won’t find anything like our tanzanite rings anywhere else in Brisbane.

Cherish Your Love with a Tanzanite Engagement Ring Set Designed By Ringleaders

No two love stories are alike, so why should your engagement ring be different? At Ringleaders, we believe that tanzanite rings should be as unique as our clients’ love story. We offer custom tanzanite engagement rings designed to reflect your one-of-a-kind relationship perfectly. As a custom tanzanite jewellery Brisbane maker, producing unique tanzanite rings is our specialty. We take great pride in having created tanzanite rings that make a clients special, someone swoon. Whether you’re looking for something classic or something as contemporary as our tanzanite diamond ring, we will work with you to create a masterpiece your special someone deserves. After all, shouldn’t your engagement ring be as unforgettable as your love?

We Guarantee Superb Tanzanite Ring Designs Alongside the Best Tanzanite Engagement Rings Prices in Brisbane

Custom tanzanite engagement rings are the new must-have for any fashion-savvy bride-to-be. We guarantee superb tanzanite jewellery designs at our shop alongside the best tanzanite engagement ring prices in Brisbane. Our skilled tanzanite engagement ring set designers are dedicated to creating timeless and elegant, and timeless designer tanzanite rings. Whether you’re looking for one of those classic solitaire tanzanite rings or something more modern such as a tanzanite diamond ring, Ringleaders guarantees you will get to choose from a wide range of the most delicate tanzanite rings all over Brisbane.

Custom Tanzanite Rings & Natural Tanzanite Jewellery FAQs

A growing number of couples are searching for unique tanzanite rings for sale. Since its discovery in 1967, rare tanzanite has graced engagement rings. The demand for custom tanzanite rings has not diminished, often in tanzanite and diamond ring combinations. Tanzanite rings are known for their rich blue hue, making them top alternatives for sapphire rings. Tanzanite is also very durable, making the natural tanzanite ring an ideal choice for an engagement ring that will be worn every day. Feel free to check out Ringleader’s tanzanite diamond ring options today.

Not as rare as diamonds, but it is still considered a valuable stone. A tanzanite diamond ring can easily rival the beauty of a diamond ring without the same price tag. The tanzanite in a genuine tanzanite and diamond ring is only found in one place on Earth: the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The scarcity and its stunning colour make the gemstone one of the most valuable today. Tanzanite is most commonly used in fine jewellery, such as Ringleaders’ incredible tanzanite wedding ring selection.

It is not only the diamond in the tanzanite diamond ring that can fetch much value. Even without the diamond, custom tanzanite rings are prized for their unique blue hues; the most valuable colours are strong-to-vivid blue, violetish blue, and purplish-blue. Tanzanite rings can have low-grade, richly coloured and exceptional tanzanite gemstones. The prices of the gemstones on tanzanite rings are usually ranged between less than $200 per carat and $500 per carat, albeit there are exceptional ones valued at least $1,000 per carat.

While diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings, more and more couples opt for tanzanite rings. The two precious stones are often combined; you will find that tanzanite and diamond rings for sale are quite popular. Tanzanite is relatively rare, extremely hard, and has an exceptional brilliance that makes it very sparkly, and the popularity of unusual tanzanite rings has only increased in recent years. As a result, tanzanite rings can command high prices. Tanzanite diamond rings are charming, as the two stones compliment each other perfectly. Tanzanite is less expensive than diamond, but there are always exceptions. For couples who want both stones, there are tanzanite and diamond rings for sale at Ringleaders; ask about our fantastic tanzanite engagement ring sets today.

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