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Unique Alexandrite Rings & Custom Alexandrite Gemstone Jewellery Brisbane Designer

In this age of ever-changing trends, our alexandrite gemstone jewellery stands the test of time. Traditional with a bit of flair—despite trends—we aim to give you an individual experience in every purchase, keeping your best interest at heart at all times. Each alexandrite gemstone ring has been handcrafted by our bespoke team and handmade by our master jewellers personally for you. Our intricate and elaborate designs contribute to the best alexandrite rings Brisbane offers and are sure to command attention wherever you are. Get your own alexandrite jewellery today at Ringleaders!

7.77ct Garnet & Diamond Halo ring. Copyright

Explore the Wide Selection of Custom Natural Alexandrite Rings & Bespoke Alexandrite Jewellery at Our Brisbane Store

We’ve seen trends pass and return, but what’s always true is that our custom alexandrite jewellery Brisbane selection is always brimming with timeless lustre and beauty that never ceases to amaze. Our bespoke alexandrite jewellery reflects your unique style with designs that range from classic to contemporary. All custom alexandrite rings for sale are handcrafted as tangible expressions of love and affection.   

Statement jewellery adorned with alexandrite stone can make any outfit pop. Handmade in our studio, every alexandrite jewellery set is unique and reflective of your personality. Ringleaders are Australia’s most prominent natural alexandrite ring designer. Offering an exclusive and exceptional collection of Brisbane alexandrite rings for sale at a reasonable price point. The natural alexandrite gemstone’s beautiful exotic colouring and naturally elegant appearance make it a lifelong favourite for generations to come. Be the next in a long line of proud alexandrite stone jewelry collectors by wearing our unique alexandrite stone ring today.

We Have Exquisite Custom Alexandrite Engagement Rings You Won’t Find Anywhere Else in Brisbane or Australia.

Explore Ringleaders’ latest collection of alexandrite jewelry for sale in one place. From natural alexandrite engagement ring options to alexandrite wedding rings, we have crafted exceptional custom alexandrite rings, offering you something that will be worthy of obsession. Our dedication and devotion led us to become such a premier jewelry house that has helped reintroduced this beautiful gem into the Australian jewellery sphere. 

Being one of nature’s most captivating gems around, alexandrite is a rare type of chrysoberyl. They were discovered in Russia during the 1830s and immediately became the rarest and most valuable stone globally.  Also considered a luxurious birthstone for babies born in June, the natural alexandrite gemstone is breathtaking with Hipstamatic colour changes, making it a classic favourite among collectors. And because we want each detail of our alexandrite gemstone rings to speak volumes about who you are,  we have created a custom alexandrite engagement ring selection that is fit for a queen like you.

Whether you’re looking for a timeless piece or something on the cutting edge, we have got you covered with our wide variety of rare and unique alexandrite rings Brisbane has to offer. Visit our store for the best alexandrite rings Brisbane women love! Exquisite Brisbane alexandrite rings are available only here at Ringleaders.

Our Master Craftsman Warren Gillick Has Decades of Experience Creating the Finest Custom Alexandrite Jewellery Designs

Renowned alexandrite ring designer Warren Gillick is the pioneer behind Australia’s most exquisite, unique, and beautifully made handmade alexandrite rings. Warren carefully hand-sorts each gem with an eye for detail by catchlight, colour contraction, and intensity grading. His collection is curated with care to ensure that you receive the highest quality available on the market.

We are the go-to place for designing bespoke, one-of-a-kind alexandrite jewellery. You can have a custom alexandrite engagement ring that is beautiful beyond comparison. When designing each alexandrite gemstone ring, we aim for an unrivalled combination of stone quality, craftsmanship and specifications made only for you. We aim to give our customers a level of exclusivity and confidence every time you choose to adorn your finger with an alexandrite gemstone ring. Check out our halo, princess cut, pear-shaped alexandrite stone ring for the very best in custom, handmade, and unique pieces.

No Imitations Here Just the Finest Real Alexandrite Rings Handmade from the Finest Alexandrite Gemstones

Are you looking for alexandrite jewelry for sale? Believe it or not, there are too many claims of authenticity when it comes to alexandrites. Don’t let them fool you. Emerald by day, ruby by night. These gemstones add a little bit of magic to your world, and no stone exemplifies this more than the alexandrites that adorn our alexandrite stone jewelry. 

Our handmade alexandrite rings are authentic, understated, yet timeless creations that you will cherish for years. Widely known as the world’s most sought-after jewelry, this alexandrite stone ring emits a beautiful spectrum of shades from blues and greens to purples and reds.  

Genuine alexandrite rings shift in the light, imbued with gorgeous blue-green to pinkish-red depending on the settings. The natural alexandrite engagement ring brings an inexplicable sense of uniqueness and pop of colour to the wearer. At Ringleaders, we believe in one thing: 100% authentic alexandrite jewelry pieces at a truly great price. Forget about knockoffs and imitation junk. Our natural alexandrite rings for sale are fashioned from top quality, highest-grade, and all-natural alexandrite gemstone. If you’re looking for the real deal, stop by Ringleaders today!

Make a Once in a Lifetime Purchase with One of Our Genuine Alexandrite Wedding Rings

The eternal knot, the symbol of everlasting love, is set elegantly in your dream handmade alexandrite wedding ring. Stay in charge. Stay on top of things. Keep the boat afloat because you’re your ring leader. 

With so many different choices, you can get overwhelmed and not know where to start.  Get the help of our expert alexandrite ring designer to help navigate your options, budgets, and specifications. We’re happy to lend an ear and give you advice that will make this process stress-free! Visit our alexandrite jewellery Brisbane store or contact us at 07 3229 8066 to find out more today!

Make an Appointment in Brisbane Today to View Our Selection Of Unique Alexandrite Engagement Rings

With our selection of alexandrite rings for sale, it’s no question why people keep coming back for more! Celebrate who you are during this exciting journey with a custom alexandrite engagement ring. We want to ensure you get your call exactly how you envisioned it, so we will work diligently with you until everything is perfect! We just need the size and type of metal ready for production. Book an appointment with our alexandrite ring designer and get to know our bespoke alexandrite jewellery Brisbane services!

Alexandrite Rings & Alexandrite Jewellery FAQs

Alexandrite stone ring, with its unique colour-changing properties, stands out among all other gemstones. The colour changes in natural alexandrite rings depend on the lighting in which it is viewed. It can appear to be purple in daylight and blue in incandescent light. Its rarity also makes it an excellent option to use as an engagement ring or anniversary gift.

The key to recognising real alexandrite rings is the change of colour when subject to different lights or settings, with natural variations in tonality. A rare type of chrysoberyl, genuine alexandrite rings has colour-changing qualities attributed to their physical properties. Ringleaders have had great success with identifying not only imitation gems but also synthetic stones. At Ringleaders, we’re all about giving our customers the best service, and that’s why we’ve made it one of our missions to provide you with honest answers to any ringing questions you may have. We know that alexandrite rings are a big purchase, and with the counterfeit market growing every day, there can be plenty of worries! So if you want to make sure you’re in the right natural alexandrite ring shop, contact our alexandrite ring designer today!

Alexandrite gemstones are among the rarest of all gemstones. The primary reason alexandrite is so rare is because it has a relatively complex chemical composition. Alexandrite gemstone rings’ rarity can also be attributed to their limited supply and the fact that only certain minerals will naturally change colours. If you want to get an in-depth look at alexandrite gemstone rings, simply contact our alexandrite rings Brisbane team.

Alexandrite is an amazingly versatile gemstone with a multitude of uses. It has been used in simple and sophisticated pieces like alexandrite wedding rings and natural alexandrite engagement ring selections. Ringleaders can work with you to create a custom alexandrite engagement ring or heirloom ring in just about any shape, cut, or carat. This custom alexandrite jewellery can also be designed for earrings, brooches, pins, and more. 

Choose the ultimate symbol of love with genuine, natural alexandrite gemstone jewellery. We’re here to help you plan your wedding, including showing you the alexandrite rings Brisbane collection that perfectly matches your style and budget.

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