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Ringleaders began in 1982 with a no compromise attitude towards quality, as jewellery is absolutely amazing and even magical when it’s perfect. Have you ever seen real “collector quality” precious gems or diamond? They are phenomenal!

So, Ringleaders began with a workshop and only highly skilled jewellers and professionals, happily this attitude continues today. Sadly our beloved industry (like so many others) has been decimated by unscrupulous practices, *fake jewellers and disposable jewellery (*see our warnings on buyer beware page).

Local family owner and all Australian made.

Having our own workshop means full quality control and Australian made. We don’t send any repairs or custom made overseas. We believe in and supporting Local and Australian companies and products.

Brisbane’s largest ranges of rings

Often clients are surprised and comment on the unique designs as they’ve seen so many of the same styles in other jewellers

The vital importance of understanding Diamond and Gems.

Having a Gemmologist and Lapidarist (gem cutter) is a must for a full understanding of real quality, 2 & 4 years of training respectively (No short courses i.e. Diamond technology 3 days, etc.).

Only an experienced lapidarist knows real cut quality. Cut grading systems vary from gimmicky to limited information, but a fastidious lapidarist knows and can see the real quality and pitfalls of a stones cut. Especially when trained outside the commercial world on personally valuable gems. Only a gemmologist knows all the scientific properties of diamonds and gems, inclusions, treatments (massively increasing), etc.

Knowing the short comings of grading systems (e.g. 4C’s and others) and the serious dangers beyond is vitally important. This can only come from a full over view through 10 years of study in all 3 professions (including a jeweller’s qualification). If you care to look and contemplate there are many serious and problematic, natural and manmade issues. Ringleaders will not sell Diamonds or Gems that are structurally compromised, glass filled or have any other dangerous or unethical treatments / enhancement.

Ringleaders is Queensland’s most awarded jewellers with only recognised jewellery industry awards.

Ringleaders has received many awards, including the World’s highest and most prodigious accolade, The Biannual De Beers – International Supreme Diamond Design Award. While we highly value our awards, the recognition that means most to us are the many personal recommendations and testimonies from our clients.

Ringleaders is proud of this ongoing praise and in order for us to ensure that you too will enjoy the experience that so many already have, we employ the same basic philosophies that we have maintained since 1982.

Ringleaders is appalled by the tricks or misleading practices in the industry.

These include:

*See our Buyer Beware page for full list for details of unethical practices.

Customer service based on the highest quality and ethics

Although many jewellery stores will claim to offer similar considerations and ethics, Ringleaders guarantees to not only use the finest Gold and Platinum alloys, the best engineering and correctly graded Diamonds and Gemstones; but we also promise to disclose all quality and price considerations. Many jewellers lack the same fully qualified skills to back up similar claims.

We have exceptionally knowledgeable sales staff.

Professionals who have an extensive understanding of the many nuances of jewellery design and an in-depth knowledge of gemstones, and the backing of our qualified experts, on hand to assist with technical, design, specialised information and to talk with you if you wish.

  • Listen carefully
  • Offer educated advice
  • No high pressure sales tactics
  • Engage only the finest craftspeople in Australia
  • Stay up to date with technical changes
  • Use only the finest Diamonds, Gems and materials
  • Ensure the fairest of price all year round
  • Provide genuine after sales service.

Brisbane’s largest ranges of jewellery, diamonds and gemstones.

Our large selection of jewellery includes Engagement Rings, Men’s Wedding Rings, Ladies Wedding Rings, Dress Rings, Ear-rings, Pendants, Diamond Rings, Eternity Rings, Coloured Gem Stone Rings, Pearls, Chains, Bracelets, Loose Diamonds and Gemstones including Rubies, Emeralds, Aquamarines, Sapphires, Tanzanite’s, Tourmalines, Amethysts and many, many more.

Custom made jewellery

If you are looking for something more individual or bespoke, many people find it helpful to see and try on a range of pieces from our collection of 1500 designs. We can assist in discovering some of the many possibilities available for Custom Made Jewellery. Put your own personal touch with our ideas or yours.

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