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Wedding Rings Brisbane: Custom Wedding Rings & Bands for Women

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here. Go forth into wedded bliss with one of the most stunning wedding rings for women. The top choice for custom wedding rings in Brisbane and lauded for our unique wedding bands for women. Ringleaders have over 450 styles of Brisbane wedding rings and wedding ring sets to inspire you in creating a custom made ring that matches your personality and style.

Award-Winning Brisbane Wedding Ring Designer Warren Gillick’s Women’s Wedding Ring Designs Will Amaze You

Not only is Warren Gillick the Managing Director of Ringleaders, but he also designs stunning wedding rings for couples in Brisbane. Warren’s knowledge and experience as one of the highly praised master craftsmen have helped Ringleaders create thousands of gorgeous womens wedding ring sets. These designs include sparkling gold and silver wedding rings with fitted diamonds and sapphires. Apart from the most stunning wedding ring designs for female clients, our collection provides custom engagement rings with the most popular diamond shapes and yellow gold anniversary rings with a fitted set of diamonds. 

With expertise in treatments and enhancements used in the jewellery design industry, Warren is the custom wedding rings Brisbane designer you can count on to help you create the ultimate symbol of love. With one-of-a-kind pieces designed just as they should be: individualised, but can easily complement with your beloved’s wedding band. Apart from being an exceptional wedding jewellery designer who has mastered custom wedding rings in Brisbane, he is also among the sought-after Brisbane engagement ring designers for that perfect engagement ring design.

Unique Wedding Bands for Women Which Will Last a Lifetime Handcrafted in Ringleaders, Brisbane Workshop

We have built our reputation on our understanding of gems and diamonds, mastery of facing man-made and natural challenges in women’s wedding rings Australia, and its jewellery design industry can throw our way. We employ master jewellers, gemologists, and lapidaries to help create each of our women’s wedding bands in our on-site workshop. Ringleaders’ jewellers and artisans are highly skilled and trained to make unique wedding rings for women. Be it women’s diamond wedding rings or one of those unique wedding ring sets for women, rest assured we always consider the client’s unique style and combine it with knowledge of jewellery design.

Here at Ringleaders, we take a unique approach to womens wedding rings designs. We offer our own Brisbane wedding rings and not just the same old thing like other shops. Most jewellery stores only sell limited ranges of wedding ring designs for female wearers. Still, Ringleaders makes sure each customer has an opportunity for customisation in designing their unique wedding rings in Brisbane by listening closely and discussing ideas outside those typically considered. We will hear and discuss options you probably haven’t considered, and this will help us both refine our most practical ladies wedding ring designs for your needs and the best possible fit with what will work in reality.

Ringleaders Have a Vast Selection of Custom Diamond Wedding Rings In Brisbane to View At Our Studio

We have plenty of ladies wedding rings you can try on. We showcase thousands of unique and equally stunning diamond wedding rings in Brisbane, custom-designed right in our diamond jewellery studio. There are hundreds of different styles and different brands to match your unique wedding ring style. Couples who visit our Brisbane studio get to choose from our massive collection of platinum wedding rings, as well as our gold wedding rings for women. We also offer white gold options, wedding bands for women in rose gold, or classic yellow gold wedding bands for women. Maybe you would like something sparkly such as our diamond wedding bands for women. Our highly-trained staff will be happy to advise you on the perfect ring for your special day, such as the ring size that’s ideal for you.

Gold & Platinum Wedding Rings

Ringleaders have an extensive range of wedding rings Brisbane women would be ecstatic to wear, and we offer them in different precious metals to suit every individual taste and budget. If you’re looking to make a style statement in the form of women’s wedding bands or want a woman’s wedding ring, you can simply leave on your fingers no matter what the activity, from early morning, walks to scuba diving, at Ringleaders, we offer the best precious metals for custom wedding rings in Brisbane that fit your lifestyle, from different carats of gold to platinum, and pair them with the suitable colour grade and a clarity grade of white diamonds. Our unique after-sales service for our wedding rings for women collection makes it easy to keep your chosen ring looking as new as the day you have bought them.

Wedding Ring Sets

The perfect ladies wedding ring sets the engagement ring off, complementing and enhancing the engagement ring. So careful consideration and the correct advice in the sizes of the band and stones height, sizes and widths are essential. Firstly never mix different carat golds or different precious metals when they will be worn and rub together, as uneven wear can quickly cause problem and wear one of the rings away faster, with few actual real jewellers is western countries, this is a big problem we see regularly.

We find ladies, (and even men), benefit from seeing and trying on different designs styles to find what you like, and even what you don’t like, is important when discovering what suits your engagement ring and personal taste. Sometime slight adjustments to one of our designs can really enhance and highlight engagement ring, and with so many designs (around 450 ladies wedding rings), many ladies find the perfect design that they haven’t seen anywhere else.

So simply spending some time at our diamond jewellery studio is very beneficial in finding the perfect female wedding ring sets. Often ladies find more than one design they love, and we can combine the ideas into one custom made ladies wedding ring, which we can make right here at Ringleaders Brisbane studio.

The Designer of Unique Wedding Rings Brisbane Couples Have Trusted for Generations

Ringleaders have been around since the early 80’s, crafting the most stunning Brisbane wedding rings and diamond engagement rings. When Warren began making his jewellery in 1982, he quickly learned that quality coloured gemstone and lose diamonds, especially for women’s wedding rings designs, are rare to find. We started with a humble workshop that produced the most stunning custom wedding rings in Brisbane. By having our workshop, we have been able to control the quality of materials and craftsmanship. 

For decades, we have built a reputation with a no-compromise ethos towards custom engagement rings and wedding bands in Brisbane. Today, Ringleaders masterfully create unique wedding rings in Brisbane and are among the trusted Brisbane engagement ring designers. Choose from our wide and varied selection of unique styles of custom engagement rings and ladies wedding ring designs now.

Arrange a Consultation for the Most Enchanting Ladies Wedding Ring Designs & Creations Available In Brisbane

Ringleaders’ master jewellers in our Brisbane jewellery studio will be happy to walk you through more than 450 distinctive styles of women’s wedding bands to provide you with design inspiration, expert advice and an enjoyable experience of the ring design process. All you need to do is book an appointment with us, and you can get a glimpse of our women’s wedding rings designs. We are proud to say that the final product would be crafted out of 100% ethically sourced materials. 

When looking for a stunningly unique woman’s wedding ring, come down to our showroom and workshop in Brisbane. For clients who want to ensure that engagement diamond rings go well with the ladies wedding ring designs they have chosen, we also craft wedding band sets for women to their exact specifications. Give us a call at 07 3229 8066 or email us at ask@ringleaders.com.au to arrange a consultation.  Don’t hesitate to also contact us by filling out our online contact form. Get in touch with us now! Our Brisbane studio is open from Mondays to Saturdays to help you design the perfect ring for you and your bride.

View Our Unrivalled Collection of Diamond Wedding Rings In Brisbane Today By Appointment Only

Conveniently located in Brisbane, our diamond jewellery studio has helped couples create their everlasting symbol of love in the form of wedding jewellery that we custom design for them. Once you book an appointment, you can stop by and see our collection of wedding ring designs for females, from our modest ladies white gold wedding rings to our striking diamond wedding rings for women. Over the years, we have become well-known for our tailor-made jewellery, especially our diamond ring creations. 

You can also start the whole process of the woman’s wedding ring design session. Rest assured, you will find it such a great experience. We will show and advise you on the features you have to consider for your custom made jewellery, such as the ring size, the perfect diamond to use, diamond shape (if any), and whether or not you should choose yellow gold for your ring. Along with providing top quality wedding rings in Brisbane, Ringleaders can give clients exceptional service and go the extra mile to ensure our clients create the wedding ring set of their dreams. Be among our happy customers and call Ringleaders now!

Women's Wedding Bands & Ladies Wedding Rings FAQs

Having a woman’s wedding ring custom made is not more expensive than simply buying from the display case. The price will depend on the design itself and the materials used, which means that you get the correct wedding ring size and the features you want out of the ring for the amount you pay. You also get to have your own female wedding ring sets designed for you, which no one else in the world would have. Custom made jewellery is just as famous for diamond engagement rings for unique wedding ring sets for women. 

The diamond ring designer will work with the clients, creating some sketches on their ideas. The clients will then be able to make some changes that need to be completed and give their stamp of approval. Some designers might decide to create a 3D life-size model of the woman’s wedding ring. With client approval, the jewellers will then begin crafting the ring. Wedding ring designs for female clients are carved out from their chosen metal, such as yellow gold, and top it with a diamond shape or cut of their preference. For more information, contact Ringleaders.

According to wedding experts, there is no proper way for a man or woman to wear the bespoke jewellery that marks their marriage; it is an entirely personal decision. No set rule says that a woman has to wear both her engagement ring and her wedding band. Unique wedding rings in Brisbane, for example, are often worn and shown off together with bespoke engagement rings. This is one of the reasons female wedding ring sets are popular, as unique wedding rings for women are created together with a matching custom engagement ring design. In some cases, women’s diamond wedding rings or any other design of gorgeous wedding band sets is worn for a short time, instead of being worn all day, every day, to prevent the ring from being damaged or snagging clothes. For this reason, many of the women’s wedding rings Australia jewellers offer are made of the sturdiest metals, such as platinum, and come in designs that are safe for everyday wear.

This is one of the biggest concerns for couples when they’re about to tie the knot. There used to be a time when the perfect diamond wedding ring in Brisbane had to cost at least two months’ salary. You could spend between $3,000 and $7,000 on your wedding rings; it’s your prerogative. Luckily for anyone planning a wedding on a budget, unique diamond wedding rings in Brisbane and bespoke engagement rings are becoming a lot more affordable. When it comes to custom-made jewellery, master artisans will design a ring that is exactly what you want for the price you often pay to get ready-made diamond rings. This makes a custom made ring more preferable than the premade ones you get from stores. 

Of course, you have to consider the materials used as well as the design you want. For platinum wedding ring sets, the price might be slightly higher. This is because platinum is the better-quality metal for wedding bands, well-known for its longevity, purity, and density. Adding a diamond or two will also increase the cost of custom wedding rings in Brisbane. Usually, including diamonds can add an extra few hundred or thousands of dollars. This will depend on the size, quality and the number of diamonds you want on your wedding band. Other features can make women’s wedding bands more expensive. These features include having the wedding band engraved designs, filigree patterns and mill grain. If you want to stick to a budget for your wedding, you can get a plain woman’s wedding band, with the option of customising it in the future. Just make sure that you inform the jeweller that you’ll want to customise it later.

The simple answer is that the groom pays for the bride’s wedding band. This is considered the traditional way to go about paying for a bride’s wedding bands in Brisbane. Traditionally, the grooms will pay for the platinum or gold wedding rings for women, just like how they spend to get her perfect diamond engagement ring. The difference this time is that couples get to decide on the gold wedding bands for women, preferably ones that match the custom engagement ring design on the future bride’s finger. Nowadays, couples might choose a more modern approach that might suit them. Many couples will decide to pay for the wedding bands together, even go shopping for the perfect engagement ring together. When buying women’s wedding ring sets, the critical thing to remember is that couples should choose something the bride would be comfortable and proud of wearing.

If you’re looking for ethically sourced wedding rings in Brisbane, then look no further. There are plenty of reasons Ringleaders is the top designer in wedding jewellery, including ladies white gold wedding rings and bespoke engagement rings. Ringleaders, with their breathtakingly beautiful engagement diamond rings and diamond wedding rings for women, has won The Biannual De Beers International Supreme Diamond Design Award, one of the most prestigious diamond design awards in the world. 

On top of being an award-winning jewellery designer and one of the notable Brisbane engagement ring designers, Ringleaders also uses ethically sourced gems, diamonds, and gold, and the diamonds and gemstones they use in bespoke weddings ring and custom engagement ring design are also conflict-free. In their Brisbane diamond jewellery studio, Ringleaders’ highly skilled jewellers create diamond wedding bands for women any bride would dream of having.

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