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Unique Wedding Rings for Women, for that Most Special Day in Her Life

Welcome to Ringleaders, where you will find a wide and varied selection of over 450 unique styles of wedding rings for women, and 100% Australian custom made to your specifications (most custom made is now made in factories overseas, for more information on this, please click here.

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Your wedding ring symbolizes the shared love you share. ladies wedding rings should be individual and designed to complement and enhance your engagement ring, creating a beautiful harmony together.

Ringleaders have never believe in fake markup for false discounts and sales, so you will find that our ladies diamond wedding rings prices are highly competitive, all year long. Also, we don’t use the common cheap faulty metal alloy, that inevitably crack and crumble, and can’t be repaired, for more information click here, and we only use real white gold that DOESN’T need to be plated.

We also have over 90 fitted wedding rings, and with so much choice available you are sure to find the perfect design for your wedding ring. You can also incorporate features from several styles of wedding rings and create the perfect wedding ring for you.

With over 450 different designs ready for you to try on that include rose gold wedding rings for women, or platinum wedding rings for women, as well as ladies yellow gold wedding rings.

Things to Watch Out When Purchasing Gold Wedding Rings for Women

When looking for diamond wedding rings for women, there are some things that you need to be careful with before making your purchase.

Unlike Ringleaders, the majority of “jewelers” are resellers of mass-produced factory-made rings, cheap poor practices, processes, hollow, weak designs, thin and or narrow, etc.

Also do not mix different metals of carats of gold! One metal will quickly wear the other away!

You will often see that lower quality materials and alloys are used, and some jewelers will sell wedding rings with diamonds for women where the diamonds have been over graded, or even synthetic Diamonds, meaning you pay more than they are worth. You can read more about how to stay safe when purchasing wedding rings for women with diamonds by reading our Buyer Beware section of our website.

Expert Advice On Wedding Ring Designs

Please allow some time to sit and try on lots of designs! Whether you are looking for white gold wedding rings for ladies or ladies platinum diamond wedding rings, we are regularly ask why do we have such a wide selection of wedding rings and bands for women. Most “jewelers” only offer a limit range and often identical the all the other shops, but at ringleaders we design our own and always have!

When it comes to choosing women’s wedding rings designs, we listen to your requirements, discuss ideas and options you probably haven’t considered. This helps us and you to ascertain the most practical design for your needs and lifestyle. We can also give you advice on choosing the diamonds or other gemstones for your ring, and you can read more about purchasing loose diamonds and gemstones for your wedding ring by clicking here. For ladies wedding rings in Brisbane, trust in the qualified professionals at Ringleaders to give you quality advice, as well as the ability create the wedding rings of your dreams.

Unique Wedding Rings For Women

Ringleaders can provide ladies platinum wedding rings (we don’t use or recommend the cheap platinum alloys that’s only 50% platinum), rose gold wedding rings (we only use traditional soft rose coloured gold not the dark copper), white gold wedding rings (that does not need Rhodium plating), as well as yellow gold wedding rings for women.

Create something that is unique, by incorporating different design aspects from our range of wedding rings designs, or bring you own custom design or both, with real jeweller’s in our onsite workshop we offer real advice, we don’t e-mail your design to overseas factories.

We have many designs of beautiful wedding rings for women that you can see and try on when you visit our showroom and workshop in the heart of Brisbane’s central business district. Our expert lapidarist, jewellers, diamond graders and gemmologist can give you advice on the perfect cut of the diamond’s or precious gemstones. We are more interested in creating diamond wedding rings ladies love, so real advice (i.e. less of often more when it comes to have the perfect proportions to enhance you main diamond or gem in your engagement ring i.e. in stone sizes, height, width, etc.), rather than getting you to spend as much as possible.

Contact Ringleaders For Wedding Rings For Women In Brisbane

When you are in the market for a beautifully unique woman’s wedding ring, come down to our showroom and workshop located conveniently in the heart of Brisbane’s central business district. You can find us on the 2nd floor, corner of Queen Street and Albert Street, Brisbane, 4000, and we are just above Hungry Jacks, for tips on parking click here. You can also use our online contact form or send us an email to ask@ringleaders.com.au, or if you prefer you can call us on Tel: 07 3229 8066. If you are looking for exceptional value when purchasing a beautiful wedding ring for your upcoming wedding day, trust in the experts at Ringleaders and get in touch with us today.

A lady’s wedding ring is a symbol of the love you share. Its design can be a subtle compliment to your engagement ring, however, with a considered contrast in design, the wedding ring can truly enhance the engagement ring and form a beautiful harmony. Ringleaders has the best prices all year round, no false mark ups to give pretend discounts.

Ringleaders has over 280 different styles of wedding rings for ladies ready to try on; including over 80 fitted wedding rings. And if you have something in mind other than what we can offer you from our selection, our experienced sales staff and qualified jewellers can assist you with your design and our on-site studio workshop at Ringleaders can create your own custom designed women’s wedding rings.

Remember rings worn together must be the same carat and metal, or they will wear quickly. See our Buyer Beware page for other tips and important information.

Select from our wide range of loose individual diamonds before you buy, with real guidance from qualified professionals.

Ringleaders can explain the attributes of 9 carat Gold, 18 carat Gold and Platinum, and why with Ringleaders unique after sales service, it is so easy and inexpensive to maintain the new look with rings crafted in these rare wonderful metals. Ringleaders only use the best traditional alloys, (no cheap faulty).

Ringleaders specialises in white diamonds D, E, F, G and H colour grades, and clarity grades VS and SI in our collection, and if you are looking for something more personal, at Ringleaders, you can see and select your diamonds and gemstones before you buy.

To avoid excessive wear in jewellery, whenever two or more separate items of jewellery are in direct contact, Ringleaders recommends that all items be composed with similar metal.

18 carat gold with 18 carat gold (Colour doesn’t matter if they are good alloys.)

Platinum with Platinum

Sterling Silver with Sterling Silver

Pre matched wedding ring sets, manufactured usually in the hundreds or even thousands, can’t show the thousands of ideas and rarely capture the many possible designs unique to your taste.

Ringleaders does not sell conflict diamonds.

Spend some time in our showroom – we encourage our clients to try on our range of wedding rings for women, designed by our in store jewellers, or call us on 3229 8066.

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