Leading Diamond Jewellery Store in Brisbane CBD: Ringleaders

Welcome to Ringleaders, the most prestigious award-winning jewellery store in Brisbane CBD, specialising in real handcrafted jewellery.

You should visit our Brisbane jewellery store & workshop because:

  • We provide genuine 100% Australian custom-made jewellery in Brisbane.
  • Largest range of unique jewellery in Brisbane.
  • QLD only jewellers with qualified jewellers, gemmologists and lapidarist.
  • We ethically source conflict-free gold, diamonds & gems.
  • Our jewellery is designed by highly skilled and experienced jewellers.
  • We are a handcrafted specialist, with a CAD jewellery specialist also (but don’t pass CAD Cast as handmade).
  • Our stock and custom jewellery is made in Ringleader’s onsite workshop.
  • No faulty metals (i.e. white gold that doesn’t need plating, (95% platinum, not the 30% blend)
  • Ringleaders believe in positive change, and looking after the planet with non-disposable jewellery, so our client’s jewellery is made to last.
  • We are winners of the world’s most prestigious diamond design award: ‘The Biannual De Beers International Supreme Diamond Design Award’.
  • Ringleaders believe in positive change, and looking after the planet with non-disposable jewellery, so our client’s jewellery is made to last.
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Not Sold By Ringleaders

Tip- make sure you get in writing import facts, i.e. Handmade, 95 or 96 per cent Platinum (don’t accept just platinum).

With the rapid decline in real Jewellers over the last 30 years (90%+ of workshops closed in Western countries), majority of jewellery and custom made is from overseas factories, even many repairs are sent overseas. The majority has numerous problems with faulty metals, settings, designs, over-graded certified stones, etc. Most of this jewellery can’t d be repaired, just patched when the problem arises constantly. These problems have cost real jewellers 10 to 15 times the repair price, so many won’t take the risk on items they haven’t made.

Please ask questions and do your due diligence before buying, we meet hundreds of people each year with this jewellery that can’t be fixed. Beware of “lifetime warranty” scams, this works as you assume the lifetime is yours, but it’s the item life, with fine print and conditions allowing the warranty to be voided quickly and easily.

Our Brisbane Jewellery Store Has Delivered Since 1982

Since 1982, our jewellery store in Brisbane has been supplying exquisite jewellery designs to thousands of customers, with designs that you will not see anywhere else. Come and see our jewellery store in Brisbane CBD or call on 07 3229 8066.


Eternity Rings


Natural Coloured Gemstone Jewellery

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Ringleaders jewellers, with the simple idea "a ring for everyone".


I would not go elsewhere!

After visiting several jewellers in Brisbane to find a pink diamond engagement ring for my girlfriend, I was fortunate enough to walk into ringleaders and meet Warren. I ended up staying there for a few hours talking to him and ever since I would not even consider going elsewhere.

P. Gunaridis

Dear staff at Ringleaders

This is a much overdue thank you. You probably do not recall us
but we are an older couple from Toowoomba who came in earlier this year to buy our wedding bands.
We did want to buy from someone who was not part of a chain and we dropped in on spec when walking past your shop in a visit Brisbane. That was a good decision.

K & L Franks

Contact The Best Jewellers In Brisbane City Today

If you are looking for the highest-quality custom-made jewellery from jewellers in Brisbane, come down and see our showroom today in the heart of the central business district. You can find us on the 2nd floor on the corner of Queen St Mall & Albert St, above Hungry Jacks, and we are open seven days a week. If you prefer you can give us a call before visiting on Tel: 07 3229 8066, use our online contact form or send us an email to ask@ringleaders.com.au. Once you have seen what sets Ringleaders at the top of jewellery design and production, we can guarantee you will not look anywhere else!
ringleaders showroom

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