Diamond 4 - C's The Easy Version

Buying a Diamond is a wonderful experience – make sure your decision is informed, and understand the dangerous limitations of the 4Cs!

Our Jewellers and Sales staff has extensive qualified knowledge about Diamonds, and are happy to spend time with you explaining the 4Cs and more importantly beyond due the 4C’s serious gaps, problems and pitfalls.

Ringleaders has all White Diamonds, from D colour Diamonds to H colours.

Carat is the unit measurement of the weight of a Diamond. One carat is one fifth of a gram and is expressed 1.00ct. A half carat Diamond would be expressed .50ct.

Cut refers to three aspects. The first aspect is the shape of the stone if you were to look at it from the top. Today, there a several different shapes such as Round, Oval, Square, Emerald, Heart, Pear, Marquise, etc.

The second and third aspects are that of style and quality of the Cut. Both these aspects determine the brilliance of the Diamond, i.e. the amount of light refracted back towards you. Some of the different styles are: Trap, Brilliant, Step, Scissor, and although some of these styles will display much more brilliance than others, it is the quality of the style that will determine how much light is refracted.

Click to see pictures showing perfect and bad cut Diamonds.

For White Diamonds, Colour is one of the most important and visually obvious characteristics to consider before you purchase. The quality of White Diamonds is measured against a scale which uses a letter to express the different grades. The White Diamond Scale starts at D, the optimum grade, and continues alphabetically towards Z as the Colour becomes progressively tainted. But the grades Ringleaders specialise in, are D, E, F, G and H as these grades are the only grades classed as White.

As the word suggests, the Clarity of a Diamond refers to its clearness: the fewer anomalies, or inclusions, the better the Clarity. Clarity is measured against a Clarity scale: the optimum being graded as Flawless or Fl, and the lowest is graded as Included 3 or I 3. The scale’s grades in between these two and immediately under Flawless or FL is Internally Flawless or IF, Very Very Slightly Included 1 or VVS 1, Very Very Slightly Included 2 or VVS 2, Very Slightly Included 1 or VS 1, Very Slightly Included 2 or VS 2, Slightly Included 1 or SI 1, Slightly Included 2 or SI 2, Included 1 or I 1, Included 2 or I 2, Included 3 or I 3.

Inclusion -refers to any anomaly present either inside the Diamond, or anywhere on its external surface.

Flawless -refers to a Diamond that has no visible inclusions when viewed under a 10 power magnifying lens.

All Diamonds that Ringleaders sell are individually scrutinized by us to ensure they are graded accurately.

Ringleaders does not sell conflict Diamonds.

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