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Celebrate one of the most important occasions in your life with a custom made diamond engagement ring from Ringleaders. Choose from our quality settings, loose diamonds, and metal band options to sculpt your perfect engagement ring in Brisbane. Warren Gillick Ringleaders master jeweller is synonymous with handcrafting the most stunning and intricate bespoke engagement rings Brisbane offers. Arrange an appointment today so that we can bring your dreams to life.

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Ringleaders Are an Award-winning Brisbane Engagement Ring Designer Who Will Amaze You with a One-Of-a-Kind Creation

Are you looking for the best engagement rings in Brisbane? When creating on-of-a-kind custom engagement rings, Brisbane clients must arrange a consultation at our studio. Our team of experienced Brisbane engagement ring designers will then be able to discuss your design preferences, including your desired centrepiece stone, inlays, settings and ring metals. Once armed with this critical information, we will design the perfect handmade diamond engagement ring using the exact design guidelines and specifications you have provided. Your story deserves to be told in style because it’s unique, and our custom made engagement rings option will say to it beautifully without compromising quality or craftsmanship. We have something for everyone within our stunning unique engagement rings Brisbane collection with our wide range of designs. Call us today on 07 3229 8066 to arrange a free consultation!

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Warren Gillick Has Decades of Experience Creating Unique Handmade Engagement Ring Designs from our Brisbane Workshop

Should you be looking for a unique custom engagement ring in Brisbane, our team of passionate craftsmen, jewellers, and designers can create a one-of-a-kind ring suited to both your taste and budget. The whole process of made to order engagement rings is a journey and one that we, at Ringleaders, take great pride in. We have decades of experience creating unique engagement rings Brisbane customers go for! 

At Ringleaders,  we’re proud of our reputation as one of Australia’s leading creators of beautiful, unusual engagement rings. We offer cutting-edge designs with carefully curated materials that give each piece its unique flair – making every client feel special knowing that they have bespoke engagement rings Brisbane has never seen before!

Our custom made engagement rings are our staple business, featuring entirely custom made jewellery designed solely for each customer. Conveniently located at Queen Street Mall, drop by our Brisbane studio to view our stunning collection of unique handmade engagement rings! From the first consultation to the final fitting, we will guide you through every step with care and attention so that your dream perfect engagement ring becomes a reality.

Vast Selection of Unique Diamond Engagement Rings to View on Our Website or at Our Brisbane Store

Handmade in Brisbane, each custom made engagement ring is expertly crafted using our Brisbane engagement ring designers wide-ranging experience and materials. Our team of master jewellers headed up by Warren Gillick will guide you through our design process and provide their expertise and support from start to finish during the creation of your bespoke engagement ring. You will have plenty of styles to choose from when you visit our studio for beautiful jewellery in Brisbane. You’ll find exactly what you need, whether you’re looking for an antique style, unusual engagement rings, or something more modern like oval engagement rings Brisbane customers love. Don’t stress about where to start. Let our design experts come up with the perfect engagement ring for your big day! Reach out to us for an obligation-free design session!

Ringleaders are the Preferred Brisbane Supplier of Handmade Diamond Engagement Rings

Ringleaders is a diamond engagement ring company established in 2004. Since then, we have provided our customers with high-quality, unique handmade engagement rings, Brisbane city made rings. We have grown from a small family-owned business to one of Australia’s leading suppliers of custom diamond engagement rings, Brisbane collection, and other jewellery pieces in the past decade. 

As one of the best engagement rings Brisbane studios, we have earned a reputation as one of the best diamond merchants for those looking for custom handmade engagement rings in the Brisbane area and beyond. We now offer customers over 400 unique styles, all made by hand. Whether you are looking for an antique-style ring or something more modern like our solitaire, oval engagement rings Brisbane clients adore; we can find the unique piece for you! Want to explore our bespoke engagement rings Brisbane collection in person? Contact us today and arrange an appointment!

View an Adorable Collection of Diamond Engagement Rings Brisbane Couples Love - Make an Appointment Today!

Custom made engagement rings should be as individual as the brides-to-be who wear them – that’s why we offer an extensive range of styles and settings to suit all tastes. Whether you want to customise your ring with original diamonds, gemstones, and your choice of metal bands, your custom jewellery designer will discuss all of your custom jewellery specifications. 

Browse our expansive catalogues of Brisbane engagement rings or custom hand made engagement rings using CAD modelling software. All the information is provided on your specific preferred metal to meet your needs, including price points. Once completed, enjoy a complimentary 3D rendering done in either polychrome, layered photo technique, or video renderings.

Custom Engagement Rings Brisbane FAQs

Handmade artisan engagement rings may be more expensive than some other retailers. Still, they also offer more personalisation and customisation options at the end of the day while ensuring quality and aesthetics. The designers of our handmade artisan engagement rings will also make sure all materials used in your ring are conflict-free.

At Ringleaders, we stock many beautiful, handmade engagement rings and made to order engagement rings. Having been in business for over 30 years, we have now made a lot of couples happy by supplying them with stunning original diamonds and authentic designs at a reasonable price. To keep things simple for our customers, we stock a wide selection of grades, cuts, shapes, and carat weight so that everyone can find the custom made engagement ring they’re looking for – regardless of budget restrictions.

Engagement rings are not one-size-fits-all, especially handmade diamond engagement rings. Every diamond, whether natural diamonds or lab-grown diamonds, is unlike any other. There are many different ways to create unique diamond engagement rings. The uniqueness of engagement rings is in the details, the little things that prove their individuality. Engraved fingerprints on custom made engagement rings can create an extremely personal piece commemorating this significant milestone in your life. And if you are thinking about a coloured diamond, remember that the extraordinary features of these diamonds also include bespoke individuality. 

If you’re looking for one of those bespoke engagement rings Brisbane women love and have something particular added to it, like a rough diamond or custom setting, you can find what your heart desires at our engagement rings Brisbane City studio. We are open from Monday through Thursday (9 am to 5 pm), Friday (9 am – 8 pm), and Saturday (9 am – 3 pm). To learn more about our great selection of diamond engagement rings in Brisbane, call 07 3229 8066 today!

Solitaire and oval cut diamonds are by far the most popular Brisbane engagement rings style. Many customers from all over the world go to our shop to seek out their perfect custom jewellery. While other options exist out there for hand made engagement rings, such as square and rectangular shapes, they don’t top the list in popularity that much compared to a classic oval shape with a single or double row of detailing.

Hand made engagement rings are a significant purchase. With great care and thought, an individual can choose between gold or platinum bands, but different colour stones are more expensive than others. For example, emeralds are relatively inexpensive, while diamonds are the most costly due to their rarity. Having an engagement ring designer create a handmade ring for you is not that expensive as you may think. You can have an engagement ring customised according to your preferences and budget, making it less costly than buying one off the shelf.

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