A diverse range of Diamond Engagement Rings
in Brisbane CBD from Ringleaders

A Diamond Engagement Ring is a symbol of love and is often the first declaration of commitment. Its design can incorporate elements that have a beautiful and special meaning to you and your partner; elements that reflect your individual style and symbolise the unique love you share.

With the largest range of unique diamond engagement rings in Brisbane, our qualified jewellers, gemmologists, designers, lapidarist and sales staff have extensive knowledge about diamonds, and are happy to spend time with you explaining the 4C’s and more importantly its oversights and dangerous loopholes (this is aside from over grading). Remember Diamonds certificates are not a guarantee of a diamond quality* only their natural origin.

It only takes 3 days training to become a “Diamond grader”, whereas a gemmologist receives 2 years of training. So when looking for Diamond rings in Brisbane it’s best to learn from a real expert before you buy.

Please be very careful faulty, weak, light weight engagement rings are far too common, we regularly are asked to repair engagement rings only a few months to couple of years old, (bought elsewhere), and many have 4 or more serious issue and can’t be repaired*

Sadly the clousure of over 90% of jewellery workshops and manufacturing in Australia (actually most western countries), the majority of custom made and jewellery stock come from factories in Asian. False claims of where, who and how jewellery is made is extremely common. The only real way to be sure is to see the workshop, ask and if they can’t many plausible excuses will follow.

*See our Buyer Beware for full list-

Ringleaders has the best prices all year round, NO pretend sales.

Often 1st time visitors to Ringleaders ask us why most jewellers offer the same designs? As most “jewellers” are just resellers, often pretend to have real jewellers and a workshop.

Everyone comments that we have the best range they’ve seen of real engagement rings Brisbane has to try on (it’s really the only way to see how a design looks!), and to choose from, so come in and see for yourself, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Sadly most Brisbane engagement rings are actually form Chinese factories, our engagement rings are not factory made.

Custom design, bespoke engagement rings

Ringleaders has over 400 different diamond engagement ring designs in its selection for you including rose gold, white gold , and platinum as well as fancy cut diamonds including emerald cut, cushion cut, asscher, pear shape and princess cut. If you see elements you adore in two or more rings from our selection, (e.g. our pink diamond engagement rings but prefer a white princess cut diamond) we can advise combining these elements to create an entirely new engagement ring design especially for you.

However, if you have want something more customised, it can be helpful to get a better picture of your idea if you try on rings from our engagement rings that have elements similar to those you like. All jewellery is created in our onsite workshop (nothing is made or sent overseas), Ringleaders qualified jewellers have over 30 years’ experience each with handmade jewellery! Ringleaders does not claim handmade on CAD designed cast jewellery or substitute CAD for handmade, nor will we swap experienced qualified jeweller made jewellery for low skilled factory made, to beat or match a price.

Experienced and knowledgeable staff

Whether you chose a ring from our selection or wish for a more bespoke diamond ring or other custom jewellery, Ringleaders has experienced sales staff, gemmologists, gem cutters, and highly skilled on-site jewellers who can offer advice and assistance. Ringleaders specialises in 100% Australian Made Custom Jewellery, so we will fashion your design – In House – into a strong, fully resolved, unique work of art.

Choose your Diamond or Gemstone

Ringleaders specialises in real white diamonds D, E, F, G and H colour grades, and clarity grades VVS to SI, in our diverse diamond engagement ring collection. And if you are looking for something more personal, at Ringleaders, you can see and select the loose diamonds or gemstones for your unique engagement ring, with real qualified professionals before you buy. Ringleaders does not sell diamonds or gems with structurally compromised glass-filling or any other dangerous, unethical treatments/enhancement.

Ringleaders only sells ethically sourced and conflict-free diamonds.

We invite you to visit our showroom in Brisbane’s CBD or please call us on 3229 8066.

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