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Custom Coloured Gemstone Jewellery & Unique Natural Gemstone Rings Designed in Brisbane

Complete your look with Ringleaders’ Brisbane gemstone jewellery collection; we use only the finest and hardest-to-find stones sourced from across the globe to create elegant pieces for all women’s needs. Ringleaders is a purveyor of one-of-a-kind, custom coloured gemstone rings and the finest natural gemstone jewellery with knockout designs and perfect fit. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure your vision is brought to life and comes out even more beautiful than you could have imagined. Whether you’re looking for bespoke gemstone rings elegantly set with a sapphire, topaz, emerald, or amethyst stone—we can do it for you.


Finest Custom Gemstone Jewellery in Australia Designed and Crafted at the Ringleaders Brisbane Workshop

Make an elegant statement with our Ringleaders line of custom and natural gemstone rings! 

We have a vast array of coloured gemstone rings in many natural gemstone rings. Choose from simple yet luxurious custom cut gemstones to magnificent rare diamond pieces. 

Quality is paramount when searching for the perfect custom gemstone rings. Shop with confidence at the most trusted Brisbane gemstone jewellery store—Ringleaders! Our jewellery collections are crafted with love and care by our gemologist Brisbane team, working hard to revolutionise personalised gemstone rings in Australia. Get these irresistible Brisbane gemstone rings at our website today!

Massive Selection Of Natural Gemstone Rings and Coloured Gemstone Jewellery At Our Brisbane Store

Are you looking for the perfect gemstone ring to spruce up your outfit for a last-minute holiday celebration? Or are you looking for the best selection of gemstone engagement rings and gemstone wedding rings to give someone? Experience the beauty of natural gemstones in various settings, including tsavorite, tanzanite, emerald, topaz, halo, and rose gold. All designs are made to order and customisable with your choice of stones. Shop now at our gemstone jewellery Brisbane online store!

Set your precious amethyst in a halo-cut diamond ring if you’re in for the classic mood. Match your pear-shaped earrings with a dainty while gold necklace if you don’t want to forego a sense of simplicity. Messages can be hand-engraved onto birthstones to honour the special people in your life. Our raw gemstone rings can be transformed into coloured stone engagement rings and be gifted as an everlasting token of love and mark this eventful milestone in life.

Ringleaders Are the Most Accomplished Custom Gemstone Ring Builder in Brisbane

Perhaps the most challenging part when dreaming up your ideal gemstone wedding rings, earrings, and the necklace is deciding which stones to include. Looking for custom gemstone rings? Stop wandering from one store to another just to find the most refined custom cut gemstones. Trust Ringleaders to have the largest selection of bespoke gemstone rings, in all variety and at the highest quality. 

At Ringleaders, personalised service is at the heart of our company. Our custom gemstone jewelry collection offers a delicate balance of vintage, classic, and contemporary. Best of all, they can be customised with a gemstone of your choice to represent your birthstone, zodiac sign, or style preferences. This irresistible custom gemstone jewelry collection adds a timeless touch to your everyday style. We offer a range of services from cutting and setting to designing, so if you have an idea in mind, we can work together to create unique gemstone rings and personalised gemstone rings for our clients.  Along with our ever-growing range of top-quality jewelry designs, we make purchasing and designing custom gemstone jewelry easier than any other store out there. Stop by today at our Brisbane gemstone jewelry store and seek help from our custom gemstone ring builder.

Marvel At Our Selection of Unique Gemstone Engagement Rings Designed By Our Master Craftsman Warren Gillick

Wouldn’t it be extraordinary to pair up your birthstone and include it in your wedding ring? Shop and select from our range of coloured stone engagement rings. Our collections include masterfully crafted gemstones that are beautiful to display, wear or share with loved ones, from fine red rubies to deep emeralds and cobalt blue sapphire. Commemorate the special moment in your life with our unique gemstone engagement rings. Custom gemstone engagement rings and wedding rings, crafted specifically for the wearer, makes it even more memorable.

Make An Appointment Today to See Our Exquisite Range Of Handmade Gemstone Jewelry in Person at Our Brisbane Location

Ringleaders are the leading gemstone jewellery Brisbane maker, and we’re here to fill all your jewellery needs! One of the significant perks of visiting our gemstone rings Brisbane store is bringing your ideas and designs to life. We invite you to create your distinctive gemstone ring with any of our stunning stones, including emerald, amethyst, sapphire, topaz, and many more. Our gemstone jewellery Brisbane store is located at  2nd FL, Cnr Queen St Mall & Albert St. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form online for assistance in choosing the most convenient time to meet with our team.

Arrange An Appointment At Our Brisbane Store for Any Handmade Custom Gemstone Ring Commissions

You’re always welcome to stop by for an appointment at our Brisbane gemstone jewellery store. We understand how valuable your time is. That’s why our team of experts will devote the time and attention to making sure you leave satisfied and fulfilled. When you book an online appointment, our online gemologist Brisbane trusts will assist you every step of the way. 

Subscribe to our email newsletter for special offers! For an exclusive one-on-one with our design masters, give us a call at 07 3229 8066. You can also drop us an email ask@ringleaders.com.au, and we will get back to you shortly!

Custom Gemstone Rings & Natural Gemstone Jewelry FAQs

Do you want a bright and bold ring, or would something more subtle work for you? Royal sapphire, emerald, peridot, and amethyst are some of the few coloured gemstone jewellery worth investing in. While different coloured stone rings correlate with a specific meaning, the answer will entirely depend on your personal preferences. For a vast selection of unique gemstone rings, you want to start with Ringleaders.

The halo setting is a formal ring style, often used for custom gemstone engagement rings and wedding rings. Halo rings are so popular because they provide a gentle and flattering way to accentuate the centre stone and wider stones. On the other hand, Pear rings project waves of sparkling light emanating from the centre stone with every angle change. If you need help choosing the best setting or gemstone to include in your ideal ring, seek help from our Brisbane gemstone rings experts.

Raw gemstone rings can be set and designed in various cuts and styles, including amethyst, topaz, emerald, peridot, classic yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Here at Ringleaders, we stock an extensive inventory of all the major gemstone types. From round to pear-shaped jewellery, our expert jewellers always have something for everyone. Choose from our vast array of gemstone rings Brisbane collection today!

Many coloured gemstones are mined in limited quantities, making these coloured stone rings more challenging to get your hands on. On many occasions, diamonds are much more expensive to produce. While coloured gemstone jewellery such as sapphires or rubies are much less costly to make because they don’t go through the same level of quality processing and grading as diamonds do. Despite the differences, coloured gemstone jewellery still provides exquisite beauty and quality, just like diamonds do.

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