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Unique Sapphire Engagement Rings & Custom Handmade Jewellery Brisbane

Many options, endless possibilities. Discover creations of timeless handmade sapphire rings that are made to last from generation to generation. From simple, everyday classics to bespoke sapphire rings that count for special occasions, Ringleaders offers an exclusive line of the latest custom sapphire jewellery collections. We strive for perfection in every step, from sourcing to cutting to finishing, and we put our heart and soul into each piece. The result is bespoke unique sapphire jewellery like no other.

Mesmerising Selection of Unique Sapphire Engagement Rings at the Ringleaders Brisbane Store

Express what words can’t with our selection of beautiful cut handmade sapphire rings only here at Ringleaders. The best way to sweep a woman off her feet is by giving them custom made sapphire engagement rings that they will remember fondly.  Each sapphire ring design is carefully hand-casted for an engagement ring setting, and our versatile sapphire jewellery designs can be adapted to suit every woman’s personal preference. The quality, distinctiveness, and individuality of our unique sapphire engagement rings will help you win any woman’s heart. Trust us to help you earn that lasting impression. Let us help you find the perfect match from our large selection of natural sapphire gemstones!

Variety Of Bespoke Handmade Yellow, Pink, White & Blue Sapphire Rings for Sale

Quality is everything! All custom white sapphire engagement rings are made with the finest quality materials.  Our sapphire rings for sale are guaranteed to be 100% natural and mined under fair conditions, directly sourced to reduce your carbon footprint. We specialise in custom made sapphire engagement rings with unique designs.

The unique look of a pink sapphire ring makes it an ideal gift for someone special. Featuring a round / oval collection of pink sapphires, this beautiful piece of jewellery will never go out of style. Want something out of the ordinary? This beautifully handcrafted yellow sapphire engagement ring features a ravishingly set of yellow stones in a platinum band. A timeless piece that will be treasured for years to come.

From Our Brisbane Studio, Ringleaders Offer the Finest Sapphire Jewellery Design & Custom Sapphire Rings in Australia

Are you looking to buy sapphire jewellery? Ringleaders are passionate designers of custom sapphire rings in town. Our sapphire ring designs for female wearers include creating stunning vintage designs and heirloom pieces. Whether you’re looking for a gift, proposing to your partner, or just outfitting yourself with some shiny new jewellery, we have the perfect sapphire stone ring design waiting for you. These individually hand-selected unusual sapphire rings offer uncompromising quality, with a dramatic, elegant brilliance. These pieces are not mass-produced but are the work of our team’s sapphire rings Brisbane designers whose intimate knowledge caters to every client’s specific needs. 

Ringleaders have always been committed to hand carving rather than machine-cutting sapphire gems. Some companies will cut through an otherwise perfect gem for profit while sacrificing quality, not us! We cut all of our sapphire gemstones by hand with traditional tools because this allows us greater control over the surface detail of each facet. Your sapphire stone ring design isn’t complete until we have met your exacting specifications, and we believe that details matter more than anything. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Looking for a Special Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring or a Timeless Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring?

A sapphire engagement ring is a symbol of commitment. Commitment to each other, commitment to the promises made, and dedication that brings love into the world; Ringleaders takes inspiration from this powerful sentiment and delivers it through beautifully casted custom sapphire rings.

No other gemstone has come close to perfection other than a pink sapphire ring. Look and feel beautiful in one of our stunning, delicate pink sapphire engagement rings. We stock a vast range of blue sapphire engagement rings studded with diamonds reminiscent of Princess Diana’s ring. Celebrate milestones in life with a symbol of your infinite love in our selection of yellow sapphire rings. You can never run out of options in our sapphire engagement rings Brisbane collection!

We have helped make gemstones and diamond shopping more accessible, personalised, and enjoyable for our discerning clients for so many years. We know purchasing the perfect jewellery is an important decision, and that’s why we offer expert guidance with our complimentary in-store appointment service. For more information, book a sapphire jewellery online consultation with one of our sapphire rings Brisbane designers!

Exemplify Your Style & Class With Unique Sapphire Rings & Custom Sapphire Jewellery at Ringleaders

Our collections offer a touch of glamour with every purchase. Inspired by the latest trends, Ringleaders specialises in sapphire jewellery design for everyone. Treat yourself to a sapphire stone ring from our classic collection, or give your loved one something spectacular with one of our luxury lines of custom white sapphire engagement rings, featuring a delicate set of diamond and sapphire set in a gold or platinum band for that special occasion. 

With the help of Ringleaders’ sapphire ring designer, you can add an Australian sapphire of your choice. Be it a green sapphire or yellow sapphire ring; there’s always something for everyone. Book with us today!

Arrange an Appointment for the Best Custom Made Sapphire Engagement Rings & Bespoke Handmade Sapphire Jewellery Brisbane Offers

You might have a sapphire ring design but don’t know where to start. Our jewellers are more than happy to guide you through the process. We believe that every jewellery purchase should be a remarkable experience. Forget bouncing back and forth between stores in the hustle and bustle of busy streets. The Ringleaders team will help you find your perfect and most bespoke sapphire rings with one-on-one service, expert advice on sapphire and diamond, sizing tips, evaluation, and a lot more! Schedule an in-store appointment with one of our expert jewellery designers! Have a question about one of our products? Book a sapphire jewellery online consultation today!

Unique Sapphire Jewellery Brisbane FAQs

Amongst the colour variations, blue sapphire engagement rings are typically the most expensive. As a general rule, the more rare or precious a stone is in its natural environment, the more valuable it will be when cut and polished for use as a piece of jewellery. The price for custom sapphire engagement rings reflects their qualities and potential, as does their solitary scarcity among other precious stones. 

To buy sapphire jewellery at Ringleaders, a sapphire ring designer will look at your design needs (and budget!) and break down the details to achieve your dream design. Our jewellery designing experts and gemologists create and offer the most bespoke sapphire engagement rings in various colours and sizes to suit your specific needs.

Bespoke sapphire engagement rings are a very symbolic and protective type of stone. Custom sapphire engagement rings have increased in popularity because they are hard to come by and therefore viewed as valuable. Unusual sapphire rings have unique hues ranging from the deepest blue to bright yellow and soft pink. Most people prefer blue sapphire engagement rings over pink, white, and yellow sapphire rings because they are the most prized and rare gemstone in all of nature. The intense hue found within a blue sapphire ring is irrefutable, and it stands out much more than, say, yellow sapphire engagement ring or pink sapphire engagement rings. For a wide range of cuts and colours, visit sapphire engagement rings Brisbane customers have always trusted!

A sapphire stone ring can be worn every day, given that it has superior durability and scratch-resistant properties. Next to diamonds, sapphires are the second hardest material known to man. Sapphires are virtually indestructible gemstones and will outlive diamonds if set with gold or platinum bands.

Sapphire is formed with a hexagonal crystalline structure. This gives the jeweller the ability to cut sapphires into a variety of shapes. Round and cushion-cut sapphires appear most often in jewellery, and they are the best choice for modern brilliance cuts. Oval-cut sapphires are usually reserved for unique cuts, which are popular choices for investment pieces. Looking for the best custom sapphire ring designer? Ringleaders will personalise the best sapphire ring designs for females! Visit today to find your perfect one.

There are many different colours of sapphire which denote other things, but our culture portrays it as more of a royal colour to represent nobility and truth. A natural blue sapphire ring has been associated with nobility and majesty for centuries. The yellow sapphire ring soothing colour denotes health, positivity, fame and prosperity. Known for its deep, bright colouring, a pink sapphire ring represents trust, loyalty, and sincerity.

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