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Men’s Wedding Rings and Designer rings for the Special Man in your Life

Welcome to the Ringleaders men’s wedding rings page where you will find a small selection from the wide and varied selection of wedding rings for men we have in store. If you are looking for a range of unique men’s wedding rings, you have come to the right place as Ringleaders specialises in high-quality men’s designer wedding rings at highly competitive prices. We have over 120 styles of unique men’s wedding ring designs that you can try on, and each one we can customise to your exact specifications.
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Our advisors and jewellers are here to assist you with your design and can help you to create a practical design that is the ring of your dreams. If you are looking for men’s wedding rings in Brisbane, or anywhere else in Australia, Ringleaders has the skill and expertise to create a beautiful ring for your big day, and we can also assist you with a wedding ring for your future wife. Ringleaders offers the best prices on male wedding rings throughout the year, with no false sales (false mark up to give fake discounts) and competitive pricing year-round.

Things to Watch Out When Purchasing Male Wedding Bands

You will find that the quality of men’s gold wedding rings and wedding rings made from other materials can vary quite drastically (i.e. Platinum rings that are 50% platinum instead of quality 95% platinum) . It is essential that you speak to any potential jeweller about their custom design men’s wedding rings before you make a purchase and ask them about the metals and alloys that they use (i.e. real white gold is a “grey” colour and doesn’t need plating, but cost 30% or more than the cheap “yellow” white gold). The majority of “jewellers” resell mass-produced jewellery that is of low quality and uses substandard metals and alloys, unlike Ringleaders who only use the finest materials for our men’s wedding ring designs. If you want to know the type of questions that you should be asking before you purchase custom wedding rings for men, have a read of our Buyer Beware section of our website where you will find plenty of useful information.

Most Popular Styles of Men’s Designer Wedding Rings We Offer

We have many different styles of wedding rings that we can fully customise, and some of the most popular designs are men’s platinum wedding rings, men’s diamond wedding rings, as well as men’s yellow gold wedding rings or (2 or 3 tone) mixing of different colours can achieve some amazing interesting effects. We have decades of experience with men’s wedding band designs and enjoy suggesting ideas or advise any limitations and enjoy working around problems of any style to achieve your idea. We can advise you on the styles that is going to suit your lifestyle, as well as your budget or even simple practical ideas to help.

Gold Wedding Rings For Men

If you prefer a gold wedding ring, Ringleaders can create a variety of rings to choose from such as men’s rose gold wedding rings, men’s white gold wedding rings, as well as yellow gold wedding rings for men. You may wish to choose between 9ct or 18ct gold, contrary to the common sales lies 18ct is harder than 9ct, so depending on your lifestyle, or budget and you can talk to one of our friendly advisors who will be able to give you the real facts and advice on which one will be best for you.

Men’s Diamond Wedding Rings For Sale

Ringleaders also have one of the best selections of men’s diamond wedding rings in Brisbane, or coloured Gemstone men’s rings and we can advise you on the shape of the diamond or gem, as well as the cut and clarity to suit your budget. Whether you are looking for men’s diamond wedding rings in white gold, or any other metal, Ringleaders can create the perfect wedding ring for your upcoming nuptials.

Platinum Male Wedding Band

We also offer men’s platinum wedding rings in Brisbane, but Ringleaders doesn’t use cheap Platinum alloys (that are only 60% or 50% or less Platinum). The beautiful whiteness of good platinum alloy, the incredibly high density (specific gravity) means the weight of a good rings feels amazing. Alternate metals have different properties, but all have drastic limitations, some with very dangerous properties. Please be informed about your choice as practically all are disposable (can’t be repairs or resized), see https://www.ringleaders.com.au/buyer-beware-alternative-materials-must-know-facts.html for further information, or contact us, and we can assist you in choosing the best metal for your wedding ring.

Why Buy Male Wedding Bands from Ring Leaders

Ringleaders have decades of experience when it comes to creating custom-made designer rings and jewellery. We make everything in-house in our workshop and showroom which is on the 2nd Floor, corner of Queen Street and Albert Street, Brisbane 4000, just above Hungry Jacks. We do not have false sales throughout the year and ensure that our prices are some of the best in Brisbane for our wedding rings and other types of jewellery. Speak to one of our experts today, and you will see that we also offer exemplary customer service as well as high-quality jewellery. You can use our online contact form, email us at ask@ringleaders.com.au, or call us on Tel: 07 3229 8066, and one of our knowledgeable advisors will be happy to answer your questions. No matter what type of wedding ring you are looking for, you will not find better quality than at Ringleaders, that is guaranteed!

Ringleaders specialises in white diamonds D, E, F, G and H colour grades, and clarity grades VS and SI. If you are looking for something more personal, at Ringleaders, you can see and select your diamonds and gemstones before you buy.

Ringleaders only sells ethically sourced and conflict-free diamonds.

Looking for the perfect men’s wedding ring? Contact us on 3229 8066.

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