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Handcrafted Spinel Rings & Custom Spinel Jewellery for Sale Brisbane

Designed with the ultimate sophistication in mind, our intricate spinel gemstone engagement rings are a perfect choice. We start by sourcing only the finest spinel gemstones worldwide and then design them to reflect your taste. If you are in the Brisbane area and are interested in purchasing high-quality, custom made spinel rings in Brisbane, we have a wide range of spinel rings for sale, perfect for all occasions.

Spectacular Collection of Blue, Yellow, Red, Pink & Black Spinel Engagement Rings Handmade in Our Brisbane Workshop

The exquisite custom spinel ring is your best choice for an engagement ring with a refined design with no compromises. Spinel rings come in various shapes, but the most popular are cushion, oval and round. Our spinel engagement ring is a beautiful addition to your jewellery, and it’s cut in a unique design that will give you the ultimate sophistication and elegance. All spinel gemstones we offer are carefully hand-selected for their unique brilliance and rich colour, making them the perfect choice for special occasions.

Red spinel rings and pink spinel rings are the most popular choice due to the brilliant colour of the stone. The stunning beauty of a purple spinel engagement ring can’t be denied! What better way to pop the question than with a raw, uncut purple spinel engagement ring? At Ringleaders, we believe that every aspect of your engagement should be as remarkable as you are. We’re all about unique and timeless pieces for those looking for jewelry to last an eternity. Luckily, a spinel stone ring is one such gemstone that fits that bill. However, if you prefer a more unique and out of the box colour for an engagement ring like our black spinel engagement ring or blue spinel engagement ring, you can find it here.

Custom Grey Spinel Stone Rings & Unique Spinel Gemstone Jewellery You Won’t Find Anywhere Else.

Are you looking for something unique and eye-catching? Custom grey spinel rings are becoming increasingly popular. The cool colour that lies between brightness and darkness symbolises balance or neutrality. A grey spinel engagement ring may even be a perfect choice because of its uniqueness and symbolism. At Ringleaders, our grey spinel ring collections are just what you need! These one-of-a-kind rings are made with genuine spinel gemstones, and each one is carefully handcrafted to ensure perfect quality. Plus, our selection of grey spinel stone jewelry features some of the most beautiful designs you’ll ever see – so you can be sure your jewellery will stand out from the crowd. 

The grey spinel ring collections come in a wide range of shades, from charcoal grey to steel grey, and each of these shades may appear to be a different shade of grey depending on the lighting. Whichever grey spinel ring or any other colours of spinel you desire, we will have it for you. Our master jeweler lovingly handcrafts our stunning Brisbane spinel rings. No two rings are exactly alike, ensuring that you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. With so many options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect ring to fit your unique style. Order your custom grey spinel ring today!

Each of Our Unique Brisbane Spinel Rings is Lovingly Handcrafted By Our Master Jeweller Warren Gillick

Want a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind handmade spinel ring with the exact design of your dreams? Our master jeweler Warren Gillick will work with you to create a spectacular custom spinel ring.  He will personally handcraft your custom spinel ring with great love and care that you will not find anywhere else—assuring you that your unique spinel gemstone jewelry will have high lustre and have guaranteed clarity. Not only do we have an extensive range of unique spinel gemstone engagement rings and exquisite spinel wedding rings. But the care of our hand-craftsmanship put into all pieces of our jewellery is also truly what sets us apart. If you are looking for unique Brisbane spinel rings with a personal touch, you will find them at Ringleaders. We take pride in our gemstones, and we rigorously inspect each spinel ring before it ships. We’re constantly refining our design to deliver perfect handcrafted spinel rings in Brisbane that will last a lifetime.

We use only the best natural gemstones in the world. And we combine this refinement with contemporary styling for an unforgettable finish. Our creativity knows no bounds because each piece of spinel gemstone jewelry is precisely fabricated to fulfil your style desires. Contact us to create your dream spinel wedding ring or spinel engagement ring!

Buy Unique Spinel Gemstone Engagement Rings & Exquisite Spinel Wedding Rings from Ringleaders in Brisbane Today

Shopping for an engagement or wedding ring is an extraordinary and memorable experience. Ringleaders would love to be a part of this journey with you. Let us help you find the perfect ring for your partner. If you are interested in finding the ideal spinel gemstone engagement ring or a beautiful spinel wedding ring, feel free to visit us at Ringleaders for the very best spinel rings in Brisbane. Our team of jewelry designers will provide you with guidance when purchasing any pieces of our jewellery. We will advise you on what you should look out for when selecting wedding rings or spinel engagement rings with our years of expertise. 

Exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality materials make our Brisbane spinel rings some of the most beautiful and sturdy on the market. Whether you’re looking for a pink spinel ring, a red spinel ring, or the highly sought-after black spinel ring, we have just what you need to show your commitment in style. We are excited to welcome you into our store and allow you to choose from the selection of spinel jewelry for sale.

Brisbane Spinel Rings & Spinel Gemstone Jewelry FAQs

Spinel is a real gemstone that stands out for its durability, beauty, and variety of colours. A spinel gemstone is an allochromatic gemstone meaning that when the mineral is clarified, it is colourless. Spinel gemstones get their colour the same way an emerald, ruby, topaz and many other stones do. Spinel gemstones come in various colours, including; red, blue, purple, lilac, orange, rose, grey, and even colourless. A spinel gemstone has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning that it is quite a durable gemstone. Spinel gemstones are mainly mined in Africa, Brazil, and even Asia. These gemstones are commonly found in gravel beds. But don’t worry, you can come to Ringleaders for spinel rings in Brisbane.

While spinel gemstones are underappreciated, you may be shocked to find out just how rare these gems are. Spinel stone jewelry is more limited than rubies while still being more affordable for jewellery than rubies. Rarity may be the factor holding spinel gems back because jewellery collectors may find it more difficult to find these rare items, making them less likely to be purchased. However, the demand for spinel gemstone jewelry has increased in the jewellery industry, leading to a slight increase in the cost of spinel gems. A spinel gemstone is surprisingly affordable as compared to other diamond alternatives. The price and value of a spinel gemstone depend on the size, colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. The more valuable and sought after colours of spinel gems include the red spinel ring and pink spinel ring, while less valuable colours include shades of brown.

Black spinel jewelry is one of the more rare spinel gemstones from the spinel gems family. It’s often confused with black tourmaline and black diamonds because of their deep, opaque, solid black look. However, these black spinel gemstones are still not viewed as valuable stones in the jewellery industry, even though they are rare. Black spinel jewelry comes from rare spinel minerals made from hard vitreous magnesium aluminium oxide or magnesium aluminate.

When considering whether you can wear any stone every day, the first factor you will need to consider is the gemstone’s durability. To determine the spinel engagement rings durability, you will first check the hardness of the stone. The hardness refers to how easily the stone will get scratches and how being hit by hard surface impacts the stone. Spinel gemstones rank as an 8/10 on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes it an ideal option for everyday wear, but if you’re looking to add more style statements—check out the different colours of spinel that we have on stock for more options.

Even though spinel gemstones have not been the most common choice of stone in an engagement ring, it has become an increasingly popular choice in recent years. A popular choice of spinel engagement rings includes the red spinel engagement ring and blue spinel ring. With its 8 out of 10 hardness on the Mohs scale, spinel stone rings can be worn through any daily activities without worrying about scratches and cracks. Our spinel rings for sale also come in many colours, which means that it’s staggering how many ring designs are possible with this gemstone.

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