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Loose Diamonds & Precious Gems

Ringleaders has a long association with many of the World’s Best Ethical Diamond centers, Merchants, Diamond and Precious Gemstones cutters. We source directly to find very the best for our clients. With an experienced Lapidary (cutter) and Gemmologist in store to thoroughly check all individually.

We won’t accept Diamonds or Gems with insidious inclusions (which become increasingly visible or affect the strength, etc), unsafe treatments /enhancements and ensure perfect cutting. But only ever accept the very best the world has to offer and check, as variances in stone grading and qualities of many certificates make them unreliable.

Collectors are always most welcome, Ringleaders has great success finding all Very Rare, Large (20cts plus) and hard to find gemstones, through our net work suppliers from all over the world.

It’s all part of our attitude born from our passion for jewellery, to provide only superior uncompromised quality throughout all our jewellery.

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