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Best Selection of Gold and Diamond Eternity Rings for Women

Welcome to the Ringleaders eternity rings page, sorry we only show a very small selection (due to designs and images being ripped off), our huge range (over 450), actually designed and made to the highest quality from standard designs to handmade diamond eternity rings in Brisbane. Whatever style of eternity ring you want for that special person in your life, and you will find platinum, yellow, white and rose gold eternity ring designs to choose from that suit all tastes and budgets. We only use quality gold so our white gold is white and never needs Rhodium plating.

Whether you are looking for a champagne or pink diamond eternity ring or a ruby and emerald eternity ring, Ringleaders clients often attests to our dedication to provide only the highest quality jewellery in our Brisbane CBD showroom and workshop. If you are looking for the best eternity rings, is the place to go! Unlike many other jewellers, we do not have sales throughout the year showing discounts from over-inflated prices, as we price all our stock at competitive rates giving you the best price year-round when you purchase your jewellery from Ringleaders.

What Is An Eternity Ring?

If you have ever wondered what an eternity ring is and why we give them. Traditionally, rings including diamond eternity rings were given after the birth of the first child. However, eternity rings in Australia are also often given on the first wedding anniversary as a symbol of the couple’s eternal love for each other. Traditionally an eternity ring is worn on the same finger as the wedding ring and engagement ring. However sometimes ladies or men (yes men sometimes wear eternity rings too) want something special, a very nice Sapphire eternity ring or other precious gem Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Ruby, Tsavorite, Emerald, etc there are so many gorgeous gems you just don’t see in most jewellers. Some ladies even mix different colours of gold to highlight or contrast rings, Diamonds or gems, ensure they are the same carat, or they’ll wear quickly and badly. You can get plenty of more useful tips and advice on purchasing all types of jewellery on our Buyer Beware section of our website.

Choosing A Diamond Eternity Ring In Brisbane

When you are looking for diamond eternity rings for women, most jewellers that sell eternity rings in Brisbane. However their range is limited, Ringleaders has over 450 styles. Not all jewellers are the same, with over 95% of jewellery workshops closed in western countries, the quality of the ring can vary quite drastically. Whether you are looking for 3 stone diamond eternity rings, princess diamond eternity ring or a sapphire eternity ring, Ringleaders is the best place to buy an eternity ring as we do not sell any mass-produced jewellery made in an overseas factory. Our eternity rings are made in-house using the skills and expertise of our qualified jewellers, lapidarist and gemmologist, ensure that our customers get the best quality precious metal alloys, gems, skills and production methods that money can buy! Whatever style you are after.

Custom Designed Platinum or Gold Eternity Rings

When you purchase an eternity ring from Ringleaders, you can ensure that you get a unique ring that you will not see anywhere else, (our custom made is not done in overseas factories, which can then be sold to numerous jewellers). We have 450 styles you can mix and match our ideas from several rings or add your own ideas (our jewellers are real not sales people pretending) so we can give real advice and ideas to achieve your own truly unique and exceptional ring.

Choose from such unusual Diamonds cut as a Baguette, Marquise or Carre diamond eternity ring, mixing with round brilliant cuts for a contrast or a white gold eternity ring with some a couple of few Pink Diamonds or fancy vivid yellow Diamonds with the white Diamonds for a unique custom-made eternity ring that you will cherish. If you are after the perfect eternity ring in gold or Platinum, contact Ringleaders today and start the journey to getting the eternity ring of your dreams.

Come And Talk To Ringleaders Today

Ringleaders are proud of the highest quality handmade jewellery that we supply to our customers, as well as the outstanding customer service that we also offer. You can visit our showroom and workshop on the 2nd floor, corner of Queen Street and Albert Street, Brisbane, 4000, just above Hungry Jacks, and see this for yourself. If you are going to drive when you visit us, click here for some tips on parking. Alternatively, you can use our online contact form to get in touch, send us an email to ask@ringleaders.com.au, or give us a call on Tel: 07 3229 8066, and we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. If you are after an eternity ring of the highest quality or any other type of handmade jewellery at competitive prices, contact Ringleaders today!

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