Eternity Rings for Women

Traditionally, an Eternity Ring was a symbol to celebrate the birth of a first child, Eternal Love and continuity of the family. Although this tradition is still very much alive today, the Eternity Ring is often given on the first anniversary of your Wedding Day to express Eternal Love. Ringleaders have the best prices all year round, no false mark ups to give pretend discounts.

While traditionally worn with the Engagement and Wedding Rings and echoing their aesthetic elements, something entirely different can be created if the Eternity Ring is fashioned to be worn on its own, on another finger or even the other hand.

Remember rings worn together must be the same carat and metal, or they will wear quickly. See our Buyer Beware page for other tips and important information.

This is a small sample of our designs. Please come in to try on hundreds more.

Ringleaders has over 450 different styles of Eternity Rings ready to try on. If you have something in mind other than what we can offer you from our selection, our experienced sales staff and qualified jewellers can assist you with your design and our on-site studio workshop at Ringleaders can create your special Eternity Ring.

Ringleaders can explain the attributes of 9 carat Gold, 18 carat Gold and Platinum. Furthermore, with Ringleader’s unique after sales service, it is so easy and inexpensive to maintain the new look with Rings crafted in these wonderful metals.

Select from our wide range of loose individual diamonds before you buy, with real guidance from qualified professionals.

Ringleaders specialises in white diamonds D, E, F, G and H colour grades, and clarity grades VS and SI in our collection, and if you are looking for something more personal, at Ringleaders, you can see and select your diamonds and gemstones before you buy.

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