Buyer Beware – Fake jewellers, the factory made sold as local made rip off

A worldwide problem in western countries, and the quickest and easiest way to win your confidence! Pretend to be or have jewellers and a workshop/s. Very common in the industry and increasing since the 70’s, as workshops have declined.

Most “jewellers” are resellers of factory jewellery from Asia (China & India mainly), but imply they make their own. In reality so few workshops remain in Australia, only 4 states still train new jewellers, but this has been at serious risk since 2010. See “Buyer Beware- Real Jewellers so rare, training to be cancelled In Australia.”

How do you know? Ask to see the workshop! It’s reasonable and your best option, although nothing is failsafe. However if it is too small (less than 3 x 3 meters), doesn’t look used or has too little equipment it may be just for resizing.

Remember many sales people are experienced and ready with numerous plausible reasons why you can’t see it (see* for examples).

So why does it matter? Faulty jewellery is very common and since 2008 CAD (computer aided design) has taken over most custom made (all Asian factories actively seek this work). Easily altering dozens aspects to make cheaper, but many changes makes the jewellery faulty.

Disposable jewellery, often faulty in several ways, but must be remade to fix the problems. We see a lot with 5-6 repairs we call “patches”, as it doesn’t solve the problems so the jewellery fails regularly, constantly losing diamonds, cracking or breaking of thin/hollowed out/weak rings, faulty designs fall apart, etc. See our Buyer Beware series.

When I’m spending a lot of money I want a talk with a real professional, qualified and experienced in all areas that matter, not a “churn and burn expert”.

* Remember real workshops are very rare, but there is no reason why they can’t show you, so if they won’t, it doesn’t exist.


  • No one’s ever asked us before,

Oh, our workshop is not here, because it’s-

  • at another shop, suburb or in another state,
  • the rents too high to have it here,

Or numerous other reasons that seem plausible, but aren’t.

  • We can’t show you because of security concerns, insurance issues.
  • We’re renovating, relocating, etc.
  • There’s no one in there at the moment.
  • We outsource to a local jeweller.

Wish I could remember all the ones I’ve heard, especially the ridiculous ones are often funny. Please e-mail us with any you’ve heard, we’ll add them here.


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