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21 June 2017

“Karen and staff were extremely helpful and professional in our quest for a ring. I would highly recommend this jeweller above many others we visited in Brisbane”


21 May 2017

“This amazing business created a stunning one-off ring for my beautiful wife that will never be recreated again. The communication was fantastic and they were able to deliver in a short time frame. The quality of the stone is perfect! I would highly recommend!”

Dan & Cora F.

24 April 2017

This is a follow up to our earlier testimonial of a year ago. We’ve just taken advantage of Ringleaders’ free clean and polish service for our wedding bands that we bought from them last year. When we knew we’d be visiting Brisbane, we rang ahead to make sure the offer still stood (it did!) and that it could be done on the day we’d be in the City (yes, it certainly could!). We dropped the bands into Lisa at Ringleaders, went off for a coffee, and came back to collect dazzling bands that looked just like new! Warren advised us that we can come in any time for a free clean and polish, and that they recommend an annual check-up so they can check the condition of the jewellery (ie check for excessive wear/damage and advise how to stop it, etc.), and see that any stones are still nice and tight in the settings. They also said if we’re ever concerned about something or have an accident with our jewellery, to come in and see them.

As part of our first wedding anniversary celebration, we decided to have our bands engraved. We followed Ringleaders’ recommendation for a good engraver, and are very happy with the result.

We really didn’t know we’d be getting such good after-sales support when we decided to buy from Ringleaders! Thanks Warren and team for the excellent service we receive from you!

4 June 2016

I would not go elsewhere!

After visiting several jewellers in Brisbane to find a pink diamond engagement ring for my girlfriend, I was fortunate enough to walk into ringleaders and meet Warren. I ended up staying there for a few hours talking to him and ever since I would not even consider going elsewhere. Warren (and his whole team) are so professional, friendly and knowledgeable, and they have the most incredible collection of high quality stones of every different type I can think of and a whole lot I’ve never heard of. I have spent many long hours at ringleaders designing the ring for my girlfriend and Warren has been very patient and has provided lots of good advice. The standard of quality that he offers is second to none and is surpassed only by his sense of ethics. My girlfriend (now fiance) loves her ring and won’t stop looking at/stroking it. At ringleaders I feel total confidence that I am not being scammed or buying any of the low quality garbage that is so rife throughout the market today. Don’t buy jewellery until you’ve visited ringleaders!

P. Gunaridis

6 May 2016

Dear staff at Ringleaders

This is a much overdue thank you. You probably do not recall us but we are an older couple from Toowoomba who came in earlier this year to buy our wedding bands.
We did want to buy from someone who was not part of a chain and we dropped in on spec when walking past your shop in a visit Brisbane. That was a good decision.

In terms of what we bought we are no doubt small fry to you but we were treated like very important customers. Your wonderful staff spent a lot of time with us working through what we were after but also giving us great advice and information.  On the three occasions we visited, one to look, one to fit and buy and one to pick up we left feeling hugely impressed and good about our decision to use your business.

With thanks

K & L Franks

3 February 2016

“They were great!”

Alana H.

3 October 2014 testimonial-peta & chris

We came into the store and met with Warren a few months before a decision had been made. Warren was so knowledgeable and staff so helpful in our journey.

After a decision was made Warren gladly sat with us and went through all of our options for my engagement ring, even after I had previously bombarded him with emails. Once I received the ring it was exactly what we wanted and I can not stop looking at it. We will definitely be going back to have our wedding bands made. Peta & Chris

9 July 2014

Hi Warren and Lisa

I just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ for your professionalism in assisting us to select an eternity ring for Diane. Warren’s advice and assistance was in-depth and spot-on, and I know we will be coming to you in future for any rings that we, or our kids, need or want. I’m also extra grateful to Lisa and Dean for prioritizing our job so we could have the ring in time for Diane’s birthday when I didn’t give you guys much lead-in time.

Thanks again, you can rest assured we will be recommending you to our friends.

All the best


1 July 2014 Sarah Green 50 p-c Trimed “Around December 2013 I went into Ringleaders just to look at rings. I met Warren and we went on almost a 2 hour ring design mission. I created my design using parts from around 2-3 different rings. I received a card with all the details which around 6 months later was given to my now fiance. Just on saturday this week (28.6.14) I recieved my ring, and it was amazing, it was everything I had ever dreamed of and more. Warren help my partner choose a great colour and clarity as well as size. So Matt and I say thank you so much for everything and we look forward to comming back for our wedding bands.Sarah G

7 January 2014

“Ring Leaders made a beautiful wedding ring for me to complement my engagement ring (my grandmother’s ring), and a simple, classic ring for my husband. Leisa was so helpful, with advice when we were deciding on rings, and cleaning/repairing existing jewellery. Highly recommended!”

Jen G.

7 Dec 2013

“Ringleaders made a beautiful wedding ring for me to complement my engagement ring (my grandmother’s ring), and a simple, classic ring for my husband. Leisa was so helpful, with advice when we were deciding on rings, and cleaning/repairing existing jewellery. Highly recommended!” more »

Jen G


Alana H.
Easy Weddings
Score: 5/5

They were great!

22 Jan 2011

“I had my wifes engagement ring made at Ringleaders (Queen Street Mall in the city, its a place on the second story above the Hungry Jacks).

I had visited a number of the jewellers in the city and found this one to be the nicest and completely helpful and open (as well as good pricing) to custom make a ring, and was more than happy with the outcome.

They were very good, and of course went back to them for the wedding rings too, and will no doubt use them again in the future.” more »

17 Apr 2010

“Large range of products. With wonderful staff. Easy to design your own products. Price is realistic and payment plan is great. my customized ring is the envy of all my friends. If its ever damaged i can always take it back.” more »

Miss Camielle H.

4 Jun 2007

“I would highly recommend Ringleaders… they are fabulous… i wouldn’t bother looking anywhere else that is how confident I am in them… like 30 out of 10 id give them…
They are located above Hungry Jacks in the queen st mall…

Entrance is a lil door on Albert St. just after HJs!” more »


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