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5.18ct Free form buff top Pink Tourmaline, 13 x 9.2mm

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I loved this unique free form buff top with an unusual faceted pavilion (rear) the moment I saw it, (about 10 years ago), and had to have it in my collect. Of course You have to admire the Bright, strong pink of the natural Tourmaline and the cutting creates an interesting special mix of small and larger brilliant sparkles, with a distinctive curved look to the edges of many larger facets, after all facets are usually flat and straight.

Sadly the picture doesn’t show this true beauty of this pretty. Cut by one of my favourite local cutters, I really admire how exceptional cutters experiment, and even after all my years they surprise you with unique treasure like this, that you practically never see. This gem is from an old Brazilian mine that many years ago produced some truly amazing in its rather brief life.

Clarity – Perfectly clean to the naked eye, and only small inclusions with a 10x hand lens (if you know how to use one properly).

Cut – Exceptional in by a master cutter.

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