The Benefits of a Custom Engagement Ring

Custom engagement rings are a very popular choice if you are able to find a premade ring design that you like. A custom engagement ring can be designed to help represent the personality of you and your significant others intimate relationship. A custom engagement ring can also symbolize the special relationship that you and your significant other share. There are several different ways to create a custom engagement ring. You can choose from simple designs to choosing very unique and elaborate options.

Note that not every jeweller out there can make you a custom engagement ring. Many commercial chain stores only do small changes like resizing, engraving, or changing stones. Luckily, there are several online and local jewellers that specialize in making custom rings for your future bride.

There are several options that you can get with custom engagement rings that you may not find on a premade one.

You can have unique combinations. Some of the more unique engagement rings have a mix of coloured diamonds, maybe adding your own personal symbol to the band, or even some diamonds to the sides or the inside of the band. You won’t get your own “personality” with the ring if you choose to purchase a premade one.

You can choose to use different metals in your ring. Choosing a metal for your engagement ring is a big factor when you are choosing to custom make it. While yellow gold is the most common among couples that are going to get married, many couples have opted for some platinum or white gold for the engagement ring. Rose gold, titanium, ad silver are also some other unique metal choices to choose from. You can even mix up the metals to make a two-tone or three-tone design for your engagement ring.

You can do some engraving on your ring. Engraving is probably the most common form of customizing your engagement ring. Writing a special date, a special phrase, or even some simple initials can add some sentimental value to the ring.

You can choose how high or how low you want to pay. Custom engagement rings does not always mean expensive engagement rings. Custom engagement rings vary a lot in price. You can find a ring that you like for fewer than one thousand and you can also find a ring that you like that is in the ten thousand dollar price range. The price obviously depends on the size and the quality of the materials. The jewellers also have some say in the price. Some charge higher than others. If you plan on going through the custom engagement ring route, then it is best to do as much research as you can. This will help simplify the process.

Remember that an engagement ring is not just a good-looking piece of jewellery. It is a symbol for commitment and love to your partner. There is not a better way to represent the special bond between two people than having a special ring created to be just for them.


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