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8.29ct Round cut strong Pink Tourmaline, 13.9mm

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Wow, a very special colour, so clean with a very special sparkle, a queen amongst gems! The first time I saw this gem I fell in love. This in a dream stone for any exceptional jeweller, and a privilege to make into one of those rare pieces, that you would forever after be proud to have created. Collect about 10 years ago this treasure is from mine in Brazil hat has been closed for many years now. Due to the natural shape of gem crystals, the vast majority don’t lend themselves to cutting round gems, combined with the size of this beauty and that such strong colours are so rare these days, makes this beauty one in millions!

Clarity – Clarity – Eye clean under 10x Magnification. 2 small inclusions just visible under a 10x loupe.

Cut – Exceptional in Germany.

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