Perfect Cuts, how their sparkle is so bright!

I love all perfectly cut Diamonds & Gems, as they have soooo much more sparkle! & that’s what we all want in “Our Precious!” So why are most Diamonds & Gems cut badly? Simply, it’s to save as much of the rough crystal weight* as possible. On average, twice as much weight is lost when a rough stone is cut perfectly, than if it was cut to retain the most weight.

Some of the biggest (heaviest) and rarest gems were not cut perfectly. The Dresden Green, a stunning 40.70ct Pear shape Natural Untreated Strong Green Diamond! Unfortunately the cutting has left it dead under the table (top, center) facet.

Ringleaders gorgeous .22ct Cushion cut Natural Untreated Strong Green Diamond has an amazing brilliance across the whole gem, better than the picture really shows! If you wish to see our Green Diamond, it’s on display every day in our showroom.

*note- weight is carat, 1ct = 0.2 grams.

Can’t match the Dresden’s size, but the superior cut gives far more LIFE to this exceptionally rare Diamond, & millions of dollars cheaper.

The Dresden Green Diamond, Pear Shape – 40.70ct

Ringleader Green Diamond Cushion Shape- 0.22ct

Yeah! Finished my first blog.



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