How to choose the right jeweller when buying an engagement or wedding ring?

Finally finding the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with is definitely one of the best things that could ever happen to you, but choosing the ideal ring for an engagement or wedding is not an easy task. When seeking out an engagement ring, doubts and questions will begin to arise. How much money should one invest? What is the best design band on the market? What kind of rock is the best choice? And important, how do I choose the right jeweller?

Contrary to popular belief, searching for the perfect engagement ring does not have to be a nightmare, especially if you take the following information into consideration.

Choose a reputable store

The traditional ring to purchase is one that has a diamond, as over the centuries this type of ring has symbolized ‘eternity.’ If you approach a well-known or prestigious jeweller store one can be advised during the selection process and be ensured about the authenticity of a piece. (Every diamond ring has to come along with a certificate of authenticity.)

Consider how much you should invest

Believe it or not, the budget that one should invest in a ring is the salary of three months. It is important that you are clear about what you want to convey in your proposal. Do not forget that an engagement ring purchase is one of the most important investments that you’ll ever make. Remember to purchase a ring that you can afford, not a ring that is going to place you in debt. Also make sure you compare jewellers for similar rings to ensure you are getting your moneys worth for the purchase.

Consider your partners tastes

Details are always important. You’ll have to make a choice whether to buy a ring that has diamonds, pearls, and/or other gemstones. In order to make the right decisions, analyse the type, taste, and colour of jewellery that your partner often utilizes. It is good to take them to different jewellers to window shop and gauge the style and quality they are interested in. Does she use more gold, silver, or platinum-based jewellery? Remember that the band is going to be one of these three metals. Paying close attention to what your girlfriend wears can definitely facilitate your search to finding the ideal engagement ring.

Look for Jewellers with Workshops

If you decide to purchase a diamond ring, there are four aspects that you should consider: carats, colour, clarity, and the cut of the stone. There are some cases when men find an almost perfect diamond ring, but maybe its size is too big to match her taste. When this occurs, one should choose to go to a jewellery shop that has a workshop that can make the adequate changes that.

Seek Advice

If you rarely go into jewellery shops, it would be a good idea if you opt to take someone with you who can be helpful with his/her advice in terms of style and design of the ring. For those with a little knowledge of jewellery, the quality of advice can often reflect the quality of the jewellery. Taking somebody of your family is often more recommended than taking somebody from your girlfriend’s family, as they can spill the beans more easily to your girlfriend about the surprise you have in store for her.


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