Buyer Beware – Alternative materials, must know facts.

Our fingers will change size many times during our life, from broken knuckles (often from sports or work), reactions to illness/medication/chemicals/diseases or a combination, putting on or losing weight, pregnancy, etc. Accidents and wear also means repairs are needed.

Remember ALL materials will scratch and break, so anything you can’t repair is disposable.

All rings will need to be resized and or repaired, a great advantage of quality precious metals.

  • Carbon fibre – Can’t resize or repair, not great wearing unless cared for.
  • Ceramic – (sold under many other names) can’t resize or repair, wear will vary depending of the material, but care when wearing in advised.
  • Cadmium – Can’t resize or repair, a highly toxic metal. May react with chemicals and be absorbed through the skin, even a very low exposure can be dangerous.
  • Enamel – Can’t resize or repair, not great wearing unless cared for, modern enamel in often an epoxy or similar compounds, older enamel in a glass compounds and very easily damaged easily damaged.
  • Stainless steel – Can’t resize or repair, care when wearing is advised to keep it look good.
  • Titanium – Can’t resize or repair, not great wearing unless cared for (Titanium used in jeweller is much softer than that on aircraft as harder Titanium in expensive to work).
  • Tungsten carbide – Can’t resize or repair, not great wearing unless cared for as it will scratch. Dangerous as it is Brittle, will break without warning and a sharp edge is not required to slice skin (even a 90° can cut with little pressure).
  • Zirconium– Can’t be repaired. Very limited resizing up only maximum 1 ½ sizes only, can’t be resized down. Simple plain designs only, may stretch up before breaking. I strongly advise keeping a record of any size changes, to avoid going too large and destroying your ring.

Fake jewellers often sell these without disclosing the truth, (see Buyer Beware- Fake jewellers, the factory made sold as local made rip off).


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