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Buyer Beware- Glass filled Rubies & Sapphires.

A common bad treatment filling numerous major fractures with glass creates a great looking gem, but the gem is really greatly weakened in strength, durability and easily chip, crack and split. The lead will react to cleaning products, chlorine, salt (sweat, ocean), etc. Lead oxide is toxic and was banned in paint years ago. This [...]

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Buyer Beware- Cheap faulty Gold and Platinum alloys

Cheap gold and platinum is very common and a major problem, without warning these metals can fracture, causing break, cracks and claws or settings to fall off, etc. We’ve seen this in all types of Jewellery from cheap to expensive ($10,000+), and from all types of jewellers from designer to chain store, internet to bricks [...]

By | June 13th, 2017|0 Comments

Buyer Beware- Over graded Diamonds, a common serious problem.

Why are these both VS Clarity? And why both are bad. The same major Diamond certification lab graded both of these Diamond as VS (very slight inclusions), the lab the most highly recommended and regarded by jewellery shops. Pic 1. This Diamond is over graded, certified as .50ct F, VS2 round brilliant cut Diamond, but [...]

By | June 13th, 2017|2 Comments

Buyer beware – Under carat gold is illegal but still being sold

An easy way to make jewellery cheaper, use only 1/3rd of the gold. Bigger profits &/or more discounting room for the factories or the shops or both. Despite our strict laws it still happens as the vast majority of jewellery is now made in Asia. This has been such a big problem in Australia, a [...]

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Buyer Beware – Real Jewellers so rare, training likely to be cancelled In Australia.

Only 4 states in Australia run a jeweller’s apprenticeship scheme. Since 2010 cancelling the jewellers apprentice has been on the government’s agenda. 10th of October 2016 jewellery diplomas students were stripped of government funding (along with 477 other courses), few students can afford cost. This was only other major source of funding for the Tafe [...]

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Buyer Beware – Fake jewellers, the factory made sold as local made rip off

A worldwide problem in western countries, and the quickest and easiest way to win your confidence! Pretend to be or have jewellers and a workshop/s. Very common in the industry and increasing since the 70’s, as workshops have declined. Most “jewellers” are resellers of factory jewellery from Asia (China & India mainly), but imply they [...]

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Buyer Beware- Estate, 2nd hand dealers, pawnbrokers and antique jewellers.

Please be aware a lot of estate, 2nd hand dealers, pawnbrokers and antique jewellery is reproduction, but sold as genuine, in bricks and mortar stores and especially on the internet. For example only a tiny fraction of Art Deco survived the great depression, sadly the vast majority had the stones removed, so the gold could [...]

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Buyer Beware – Dangerously thin or hollowed-out rings

Thin bands look pretty but are too weak for normal wear and will bend out of shape easily and can cause Diamonds to fall out. These ultra-fine bands are often combined with weak setting styles that also result in stones falling out regularly. We use our hands for everything and engagement, wedding and eternity rings [...]

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Buyer Beware – False Handmade claims are common.

Please be aware that cheaper CAD cast manufacturing is often substituted for handmade, even if it was specifically requested. The Handmade process makes the metals much harder and stronger metals, but requires much higher skills, more time and consumables. All factories that supply the stock for the vast majority of jewellery shops, have CAD operators [...]

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Buyer Beware – Buying Reviews hides bad reviews, gives credibility

Add real credibility with your potential customers and/or combat those annoying negative reviews for less than the cost of an IPhone you can have 100+ great reviews. On one site the rate is AUD$6.71 per review. Some will add reviews on multiple sites for just $1 extra per site. Others have groups to do multiple [...]

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